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Travel Requirements - Important Information

Updated: 29th July 2020 17:30pm


As you will be aware, there have been some changes and restrictions for UK flights arriving into various overseas destinations, which in some circumstances there are also changes for arrivals back into the UK.

It is very important that all travellers have full understanding and awareness on what restrictions and of any entry requirements applicable to the country they are travelling to, such as compulsory passenger locator forms.

Country information can be found below and also on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's (FCO) page:

As these requirements can change at any moment, the below is for guidance purpose only to which we aim to update as regularly as possible, but it is the customers full responsibility to ensure they have the correct and up to date information.

Each overseas destination has varying set rules and policies in regards to personal safety measures, such as when/where personal face masks are to be worn. This is to be checked by the customer prior to travel by checking the above FCO link and each overseas local Tourism Board site for up to date regulations/stipulations.

All UK Arrivals

  • For all arrivals back into the UK you must complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form which you cannot submit the form (link below) until 48 hours before you’re due to arrive in the UK
  • It is compulsory for this from to be completed by all each passenger separately (children aged under 18yrs are to be added to the form of the adult they are travelling with)
  • Please ensure that you keep a printed or electronic copy of the completed form to be shown at UK border control:






  • Currently there are no travel requirements/restrictions for UK arrivals into France. Please check both this page and FCO page (link located at top of this page) regularly for updates


  • Complete a mandatory Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF) at least 24hrs prior to travel:
  • Failure to not complete this form in advance and show this form may result in your airline refusing you to travel, a 500 EURO fine on arrival or Greek authorities denying entry to the country
  • It is compulsory for this form to be completed separately for each passenger (children aged under 18yrs can be included on ONE of their parent/guardian’s forms who is also travelling)
  • Infants under 1yr old should be listed as '1 year old' on the form
  • Once form completed, you will receive an email acknowledgement. In a separate email, you will also receive a QR code
  • The mentioned QR code is likely to be sent up to 24hrs before you travel, regardless of how early you fill in your form (this QR code must be printed or shown on your mobile phone)
  • This form MUST be completed online prior to travel and cannot be completed whilst on the aircraft or upon arrival in Greece
  • It is advised to open the above mentioned link in either Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers
  • Please also ensure you check your junk mail for your email address used if you have not received the QR code
  • Upon arrival in Greece, you may be asked to undergo a test, but you are more likely to be asked if you have arrived from a country outside of the EU (including the UK), either directly or via indirect flights. If you are not required to take a test on arrival, you will not be required to self-isolate


  • Only required to self-isolate if you will be arriving in Italy from a country for which there are still self-isolation requirements or you travelled to country which there are still self-isolation requirements in the 14 days prior to your arrival in Italy
  • Provide journey and contact details 48hrs prior to arriving in UK:



Portugal - Mainland

Portugal - Madeira

Spain - Mainland

Spain - Balearics

Spain - Canaries




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