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Tossa de Mar Overview

Historic town: For such a small town, Tossa de Mar has a surprisingly long and illustrious history dating right back to the Roman period. Evidence of the town’s medieval roots can be seen today in the 12th century fortress walls of Vila Vella (the old town) and the castle perched atop the rocky hill jutting out to sea. Completely different in style to many other holidays on the Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar holidays have retained an utterly authentic Catalan character.

Natural beauty: Tossa de Mar holidays are in one of the most beautiful locations you could imagine. The old town has been built around a pine-clad cliff which juts out to sea, and it affords some stunning views. As you wander the cobbled streets you’ll see overgrowing shrubs and trees interspersed with yellow rocky coves, dramatic inclines and green valleys leading to the sea. True bliss!

Three beaches: Despite having some of the most breathtaking forestry in all of Spain, there are also three fabulous beaches in Tossa de Mar. The main beach, Platja Gran, is a golden sandy strip which ends at the castle’s hill.

Attractions in Tossa de Mar

Vila Vella: Not strictly a monument or archaeology site as such, we felt Vila Vella deserved a mention because it is a piece of history in motion. Much of the architectural plan for this quarter of Tossa de Mar dates back to the 12th century, although it has been repaired and renovated several times since. Walk around the narrow cobbled streets of rustic orange brick houses, aged metallic statues and sweet-smelling herbs and you’ll really appreciate the beauty of holidays to Tossa de Mar.

Tossa de Mar Castle: Rather surprisingly there is no confirmed date as to when this castle was built, but it is estimated it was some time in the 12th or 13th century after the rest of the town had been built up. Located on the summit of Mount Guardi, it was clearly strategically placed to defend against invaders, and old cannons still jut out of the watchtowers at the top. A very interesting sight worth discovering on your holidays to Tossa de Mar.

Els Ametllers: The ruins of this ancient Roman villa date back to the 1st century BC. Although the site is rather small, the intricately weaving red and white patterns of the mosaic floor make this well worth a visit. The free entry is perfect for those on cheap holidays to the region.

Activities in Tossa de Mar

Municipal Museum: A rather small museum in Tossa de Mar which also doubles up as a modern art gallery. The natural beauty of Tossa de Mar attracted many artists to try to capture its delights on canvas, and you’ll certainly appreciate its picturesque qualities even on holidays here now. So in the museum you can expect to see some paintings of this wonderful region of Costa Brava. You’ll also see some archaeological artefacts found around Tossa de Mar over the past 2000 years.

Beaches in Tossa de Mar

Platja Gran: The main beach on Tossa de Mar is also the most attractive. It’s a fairly short 380m strip of golden sand which ends at the Vila Vella’s walls. The beach is nice and wide though, and the forested hills and castle in the distance make it an incredibly attractive way to spend your holidays sunbathing too.

La Mar Menuda: A shorter, quieter beach shielded by some terracotta coloured rocks at one end. Despite its smaller size it’s still very well-facilitated with toilets, showers and water sports.

El Codolar: The smallest beach of the three is in a very secluded spot. It can get rather busy in the summer months, but it’s still well worth spending some time here on your holidays to Tossa de Mar as the beach is in a unique location, enclosed on all sides by sheer rock faces. In fact it’s so well sheltered fishermen dock their boats here after the busier summer holidays.

Restaurants in Tossa de Mar

Tapas del Mar: The food in Tossa de Mar is very much based around fish dishes, but being located by the beachfront as this restaurant is it comes as no surprise! The menu is also authentically Spanish if you prefer to sample local delights during your holidays. Everything’s homemade, including delights like Lobster Paella, Calamari and freshly prepared Cheesecake.

Pizzeria Bar Luis: A traditional Italian restaurant which serves a wide range of pizzas and delicious buttery garlic bread. All the food is cooked with care and attention – even the chips are cut and cooked in the kitchen, rather than being taken from a frozen packet! Prices are pretty low too, so this restaurant is a good option if you want to ensure you have cheap holidays to Tossa de Mar.

Restaurant Minerva: In a beautiful location along the main promenade of Tossa de Mar, this restaurant offers classic Mediterranean cuisine like Grilled Sea Bass and Tomato Bruschetta. If you choose to sit outside on the terrace you can also enjoy fantastic views of the castle overlooking Mount Guardi.

Nightlife in Tossa de Mar

Quiet drinks: Tossa de Mar does not offer the type of holidays focused on loud and lively partying all night. The neighbouring town of Lloret de Mar offers holidays much more suited to that! Tossa de Mar holidays still have their fair share of bars though, particularly those of the Spanish variety. Recommended authentic bars include Mojito, the Flamenco Bar and Don Pepe. Many of these types of bars have live entertainment like traditional Spanish singing and dancing to interest you while you’re relaxing on your holidays to Tossa de Mar.

Spanish partying: There are even a couple of clubs in Tossa de Mar – Paradis plays loud music till late right out on the beachfront, and then there’s Caxta Club which has an open terrace to keep you cool while you’re dancing.

Shopping in Tossa de Mar

Original boutiques: The shops in Tossa de Mar tend to be of the independent variety, giving you the opportunity to pick up something truly unique on your holidays here. A great example of this is the clothes shop named Pandora – it used to be a bar and was featured in the famous 1951 film Pandora and The Flying Dutchman, which was shot on location around Tossa de Mar. There’s also a good selection of designer brands available in a number of the fashion shops, showing the Tossa de Mar’s status as a rather classy town.

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