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Tarragona Overview

Historic city: Holidays to Tarragona 2019 offer great history. There is a long, illustrious history dating back over 2,000 years. The Romans regarded the city with high importance, and the Emperor Augustus spent a long period of time here. Today, Tarragona is still a vital part of the Spanish industry, with over half a million people living within its metropolitan area as a whole.

Roman ruins: You can still see the evidence of how popular Tarragona was with the Romans in the archaeological sites dotted around the city. The most impressive of these are the centrally-located amphitheatre and the aqueducts in the countryside.

Attractions in Tarragona

Roman amphitheatre: Dating back to the 2nd century BC, this large amphitheatre is in a wonderful location close to the sea. There are roads which run alongside the ruins too, so you can see an overhead view of the amphitheatre in all its glory. Some of its stone has been severely damaged due to pillaging to create new buildings, but it’s still impressive on your holidays here to see the size of this 13,000 seat structure.

Aqueducte de les Ferreres: 4km north of Tarragona, this huge aqueduct was used to supply water to the city in Roman times. With perfectly symmetrical arches which are lit up beautifully at night, it’s remarkably well preserved, and one of the best examples of an ancient aqueduct on European holidays.

Passeig Arqueologic: This wonderful 8km pathway follows the Roman walls of the old town. On your walk you’ll see the two Roman gates Portal del Roser and Portal de Sant Antoni, as well as black bronze statues of Augustus standing proud and the famous suckling wolf, which has been replicated many times across the reaches of the ancient Empire. Tarragona’s hilly position 800 metres above sea level means you’ll see some fantastic views too. Passeig Arqueologic makes a truly special walk on your holidays to Tarragona.

Activities in Tarragona

Archaeological Museum: With such a rich Roman history to see on Tarragona holidays, it’s not surprising there’s an archaeological museum to accompany the ruins themselves. Inside this UNESCO World Heritage building you’ll see bronze statues, coins and tools all found in the excavations of the area.

Parc de la Ciutat: This grassy green park is a lovely oasis of space in the centre of town. And of course, as with everything on Tarragona holidays the Romans make an appearance! There are Roman ruins here to peruse whilst you’re relaxing in the tranquil gardens.

Aqua Park Safari Aqualeon: This colourful water park combines two attractions in one. Firstly, you’ve got the exciting waterslides such as the kamikaze and super slalom and then you’ve got an exotic zoo with lions, zebras, elephants and more. If you fancy a break from all the Roman history hunting, or you have the kids in tow, you can all really have some fun on your holidays to Tarragona here.

Restaurants in Tarragona

Barquet: Tarragona holidays are some of the best for traditional Spanish food, and Barquet is a great example of this. In rustic surroundings they serve a variety of authentic meals such as little tapas dishes like chorizo in red wine and fried squid, while the monk fish and aubergine in a rich tomato sauce is wonderful too.

Cal Faune: This small yet romantic restaurant offers a wide range of Italian delights, including classic Spaghetti Bolognese, Cannelloni and Ravioli. As an added bonus, the food is served in huge portions too, working out to be great value that’s light on your pockets if you’re looking to book cheap holidays to Tarragona.

La Caleta: The Mediterranean menu for this classy restaurant is rather small, but it’s all about quality not quantity! If dishes such as pork in rich gravy sauce and black cuttlefish rice take your fancy then this restaurant is for you.

Nightlife in Tarragona

Relaxing drinks: Tarragona holidays are rich with history and culture, with an emphasis on a relaxed pace of life. It’s fitting then, that the nightlife on holidays to Tarragona is suitably relaxed. That’s not to say that there aren’t any clubs and bars in Tarragona at all though. For instance, El Cau (translated at ‘The Cave’) is an intriguing club as it’s built in an underground cellar which keeps it nice and cool even when the partying gets livelier. Some cultured bars in Tarragona such as Velvet and Tibet also deserve a special mention for their classy vintage decors and chilled-out vibes.

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