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Sousse Overview

Cultural holidays: Sousse is the third largest city in Tunisia, meaning that while there are plenty of attractions to see and visit, Sousse holidays cover a small enough area to comfortably travel around on foot. Within the densely packed streets, you’ll come across catacombs, a medina and a fascinating city museum.

Vibrant holidays: Sousse holidays not only offer wonderful cultural attractions, they’re also home to a lovely long beach of soft golden sand. Plus, you’ll appreciate the buzz of the markets, the tasty selection of restaurants and even the thriving club scene all to be enjoyed on holidays to Sousse.

Attractions in Sousse

Catacombs of the Good Shepherd: Amazingly, the tightly wound passages of pathways, tunnels and chambers in these catacombs conceal the graves of over 15,000 Christians. Within these dimly lit, cool caverns you’ll see the ancient inscriptions about Christianity and the story of the Good Shepherd. The catacombs are a fascinating sight to see on holidays to Sousse.

Sousse Kasbah Museum: The actual building which houses this museum is an attraction in itself, as it features a 9th century watchtower which stands 30 metres high over Sousse. Inside, the museum is just as interesting as it boasts perfectly preserved Roman mosaics, Punic steles, weapons and armour. The museum also has a pleasant courtyard garden you can wander around as an extra reason to visit here during your holidays in Sousse.

Dar Essid Palace: This grand house dates from the 19th century and makes for an interesting visit during your holidays in Sousse. You can wander around the palace freely to see the ornate decor with lavish colours, huge facades and geometric patterns.

Activities in Sousse

Medina of Sousse: The Medina of Sousse serves as an important historical sight on holidays here as well as a great shopping destination too. So much so, it’s actually listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. This walled section of town has existed since the 9th century, and it now houses many vibrant stalls with street traders hoping to tempt you to buy all sorts of handicrafts. Many items are made specifically to tempt tourists on their holidays here, such as perfumes, basket ware and fine leather goods.

Water sports holidays: Being a top beach destination, Sousse holidays have a wide variety of water sports for you to enjoy out to sea. There’s an array of aquatic life under the water, so deep sea diving is a great option on your holidays to Sousse. There are also facilities for wind surfing holidays or even jet skiing at the many water sports centres which line the coast. But you can also choose many other slightly less skilled activities such as banana boats or bouncing doughnuts while enjoying beach holidays in Sousse.

Beaches in Sousse

Bou Jaafar Beach: The main beach on Sousse holidays starts near the centre of the city and follows along the coast for miles. It’s a beautiful stretch of shoreline, with white sand leading into the calm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A bustling but very clean promenade follows the beach too and it makes for a pleasant walk. As this whole area has experienced intense popularity for holidays to Tunisia in recent years, you’ll find it’s well-catered towards tourists on their holidays, with water sports and plenty of places to stop off for drinks and a bite to eat. And while most of the beach allows public access for a cheap price, some stretches of the beach are privately owned by the many hotels offering all inclusive holidays along the coastline of Sousse.

Restaurants in Sousse

The Saloon: This themed Americana restaurant has been based on the wooden outposts of the Wild West. There’s an open courtyard (which is beautifully lit at night) filled with cactuses, wooden decking and canon-shaped benches. The food fits with the cowboy theme too, with classic American flavours like huge juicy steaks and burgers, as well as pasta dishes for a little extra variety. In fact, this restaurant is so American, you may forget for a moment that you’re actually on your holidays in Tunisia!

Escargot: There’s a real cosy atmosphere at this traditional French restaurant. Tunisia has a very long history encompassing many periods of occupation by civilisations including the Romans, the Ottomans and the French and this restaurant clearly highlights the diversity of the cuisine. To prove that not everything is eastern-inspired in Tunisian restaurants, Escargot serves French classics such as steak in Béarnaise Sauce, chicken in white wine sauce and creamy potatoes Dauphinoise. It’s a real luxury treat during your holidays in Sousse.

Ribat Cafe: This informal cafe is perfect to stop for a bite to eat whilst on your holidays in Sousse. They serve lots of different Tunisian delicacies including Brik – folded crispy batter wrapped around a soft fried egg. You can also enjoy the better-known Tunisian style dishes such as grilled kebab with salad and filled flatbreads. Prices are extremely cheap too, ensuring that cheap holidays to Sousse will stay cheap if you eat here often enough!

Nightlife in Sousse

Best nightlife in Tunisia: As Tunisia is a Muslim country, alcohol is forbidden for the native people. However, alcohol is definitely allowed for tourists on their holidays here, and Sousse holidays are surprisingly lively by Tunisian standards. In fact, it’s probably the liveliest of all holidays to Tunisia. Of course, you could choose to enjoy the drinks and entertainment in your hotel, especially if you’re on all inclusive holidays in Sousse, but there’s plenty of scope out there for you to explore too! The late night clubs in Sousse are fantastic, with places such as the Macracana, the Rose and Crown and Bora Bora (with its acrobats and dancers) all offering a frenetic party experience. Also, special mention must go to Bonaparte, it’s only small but it’s open till very late and plays all the latest dance hits very loud! It’s certainly one for those who like their nightlife loud and lively whilst on their holidays!

Shopping in Sousse

Soula shopping centre:Spread across four large floors, Soula is the largest fixed-price shopping centre on Sousse holidays. It’s very handy as a clean modern space to pick up souvenirs like ornaments and leather goods, without having to haggle over the price. Don’t worry about not bartering – the prices are still very cheap if you’re on cheap holidays here anyway!

The Medina: A tourist attraction for holidays to Sousse in its own right, the Medina of Sousse is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Inside this walled market area there are many stalls and street traders selling all sorts of items, everything from tailored carpets and leather to ceramics and exotic spices. As it’s such a huge space, you’re certain to find lots of interesting items here, although you need to be prepared to haggle. But if you barter well you should be able to get everything for extremely cheap – just perfect for keeping cheap holidays to Sousse extra cheap!

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