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Skanes Monastir, Tunisia

Skanes Monastir all inclusive holidays

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Skanes Monastir Overview

Beach holidays: Skanes is a coastal district for holidays to the major city of Monastir in Tunisia. That means you can enjoy the beautiful golden beaches on Skanes holidays whilst also being close to the all the action of the urban areas of Monastir holidays. Plus, as Skanes is close to Monastir airport the transfer times are less than 15 minutes.

Central attractions: There are many magnificent sights on Skanes Monastir holidays, including mausoleums, mosques, tombs, temples and parks. The amazing thing about Skanes Monastir holidays is that one minute you can be lying on a gorgeous sun-kissed beach in Skanes, and the next you could be wandering the vibrant streets of Monsatir, gazing at awe-inspiring attractions.

Sporting holidays: There’s much enjoyment to be had in the activities offered on Skanes Monastir holidays. Being a beach based resort, Skanes holidays are well-equipped for water sports, with many centres lined along the coast offering many water activities. On top of that, you’ve got two quality golf courses in the region, including a Palm Links course which follows the coastline for some stunning sea views. The course is also pretty close to some luxury all inclusive hotels, making it a great choice for golfing or just relaxing all inclusive holidays.

Attractions in Skanes Monastir

The Monastir Ribat: This amazing fortress is the real centrepiece of the attractions on holidays to Skanes Monastir. Built in the 9th century at the beginning of the Muslim occupation of Tunisia, this impressive site was first used to house the Moorish army, but later became to offer a variety of uses, from hostelling travellers to protecting commercial routes and providing refuge for mystics. There’s a fascinating museum too which focuses on Islamic art from the past thousand years.

Great Mosque: Right next to the Ribat in Monastir, you’ll discover the Grand Mosque – also a 9th century structure which was extended by the Zirids in the 11th century. The mosque is in a flattened, rectangular style with a towering minaret in the middle. It’s been respectfully renovated over the years, and you can still see the ruins of the original ancient mosque next to the site. It’s an essential attraction on your holidays to Skanes Monastir.

Habib Bourguiba Mausoleum: This stunning mausoleum was built to honour the first president of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba. Work began on the impressive structure in 1963, and the president himself was buried here in 2000. The mausoleum has a very Islamic style, with clean symmetrical patterns, arched doorways and impressive domes with rectangular buildings. This is another internationally renowned sight that you simply must see on your holidays to Skanes Monastir.

Activities in Skanes Monastir

Golfing holidays: There are two pristine golf courses located close to Skanes Monastir, making it a great choice for golfing holidays in Tunisia. The pick of the pair must be the Palm Links 18-hole championship level course. You’ll love teeing off from the grassy green fairways with glorious backdrops of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea in the distance. Whereas the Flamingo golf course has lots to recommend it too, with many of unique features to make your round interesting, such as large lakes, mountain drops and sloped fairways.

Water sports holidays: Being on the coast, you’ll find there are water sports galore on holidays to Skanes Monastir. There’s everything here from windsurfing centres to jet-skiing and parasailing. And as an extra plus point, the water is extremely clean and calm, making the sports on the sea that much more enjoyable on your holidays here!

Adam Park: This fun theme park in the centre of Monastir makes the perfect day out for family holidays. In Adam Park you’ll come across colourful roller coasters, bumper cars, a mini go-kart course for little ones and a cute tea cup ride amongst other attractions. Entry is free too, so it can be quite a cheap way to spend a day of your holidays here, and to see another side of Monastir that contrasts with its traditional buildings.

Beaches in Skanes Monastir

Monastir Beach: Skanes Monastir holidays have a seemingly endless stretch of coastline consisting of soft golden sands leading into the calm inviting waters of the Mediterranean. There’s a wide palm tree lined promenade which follows the length of the beach too, although being such a long shore, it’s actually divided into different sections with some being public and some privately owned. Luckily, if you’re on all inclusive holidays to Skanes Monastir there’s every chance you’ll be staying at a hotel with its own private section of the beach! But even if you’re not, it’s very cheap to sunbathe all day on the public parts of the beach. There’s a lot to take your interest along the coastline of Skanes Monastir holidays too, with everything from all-action watersports to handicraft stalls and beachside cafes.

Restaurants in Skanes Monastir

Dar Chraka: This popular restaurant is in cosy surroundings set in an old house in the more traditional area of Monastir. Expect to taste some of the true delights of Tunisian cuisine such as spicy lamb sausages, meat casseroles and salt-baked fish. No alcohol is served in Dar Chraka, but that’s not a big issue as the food more than makes up for any drinks you may miss if you spend your holidays eating here!

Snax: The name of this cafe/restaurant may not be very inspired but the decor and the food here have a quaint charm. The eatery has a shady, wooden exterior covered with green overflowing ferns and vines and this traditional theme is continued inside too. Just as good for lunch or dinner, Snax offers spicy sausages as well as flat breads and juicy barbecued chicken, all for great value prices perfect for cheap holidays in Skanes Monastir.

El Ferik: Surprisingly, some of the best places to dine during holidays in Tunisia are also the cheapest, as proven by restaurants like El Ferik. This great value traditional eatery offers classics like richly spiced goat meat curries and seasoned lamb casseroles. Plus it’s very popular with local people, which is always a good sign!

Nightlife in Skanes Monastir

Hotel drinks: Being a predominantly Muslim country, there aren’t many late night bars and clubs which serve alcohol on Tunisia holidays. As such, it’s likely that much of the nightlife and evening entertainment will be based around your own hotel, especially if you’re on all inclusive holidays here. But there are plenty of lively discos held at the hotels which follow the coastline of Skanes Monastir. However, if you’d prefer your nightlife a little livelier on your holidays, or just a change of scenery, the resort of Sousse is only twenty minutes away by taxi and there are a few clubs here which play loud, modern music for proper partying on your holidays in Tunisia!

Shopping in Skanes Monastir

Many markets: The markets in Tunisia are known as ‘souks’ and you’ll certainly come across quite a few on holidays to Skanes Monastir! The stalls at these markets are havens for handicrafts, where you can buy everything from personally engraved bronze plates to leather goods and ornate ornaments. You’re expected to barter too, so if you know how to haggle you can get some very cheap prices on original souvenirs to bring back home from your holidays in Skanes Monastir.

Folla Shopping Centre: This modern shopping centre in Skanes Monastir is very convenient for picking up a variety of souvenirs and great value items whilst you’re on your holidays here. Spread across two large floors, shops inside the centre include jewellers, tailored carpet stores and supermarket selling all sorts of food and essentials.

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