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Side Overview

Steeped in history: Featuring some of the best historical sites of all holidays to Turkey, Side 2019 has an awe-inspiring array of Roman ruins and Hellenic structures. The 17,000 seat amphitheatre is still used for concerts today, whilst the temples of Athena and Apollo have huge columns that stand proudly casting giant shadows in the midday sun.

A choice of beaches: With holidays to Side, you can be sure you’re not too far from a beach, as there are two actually within the resort. Both have soft golden sand that shelf gently into the Mediterranean.

Great places to eat: Side has a huge number of traditional Turkish restaurants, so you’ve ample opportunity to sample the local cuisine. Being a coastal resort, the seafood restaurants here are also excellent.

Attractions in Side

Amphitheatre: This huge theatre seats over 17,000 people and is one of the most impressive attractions of all the historical riches found on holidays to Side. Built in the 2nd century AD, it was created in the Roman style with a steep incline on the rows of seats. Walk up the rows to the top and you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic view of the ancient ruins scattered across the countryside.

Megale Pyle: Built into the city walls, this famous gate is the entrance to Side. Unfortunately the aging effects of time have reduced it to rugged stone, but it’s still a fascinating monument dating right back to the 2nd century BC.

Side Museum: This little museum favours quality over content! There are only a few small rooms, but they’re filled with unusual artefacts like burial pits, skeletons and sarcophagi.

Temple of Apollo: An incredibly romantic setting for this ancient Roman Temple, and rightly too, as it’s said that the Temple was created by Mark Anthony to show his love for Cleopatra. Made almost entirely of marble, the few huge columns that are still standing cast huge shadows in the bright Turkish sun of Side.

Activities in Side

Water sports: Of the two beaches in Side, Western Beach is the best for water sports. There’s a whole range of watery activities to get up to on holidays to Side – zoom around on a jet-ski for a few hours or hang on for dear life on the bouncing doughnuts!

Taurus Mountains: If you’re feeling adventurous, you could always head inland to the Taurus Mountains. The whole area is so vast; it’s divided into four ranges with many mountains over 12,000ft high! A short hike will give you jaw-dropping views across rocky snow-capped peaks.

Beaches in Side

Western Beach: This beach is the more popular of the two for holidays in Side, and for good reason. The soft golden sand is pretty similar on both, but when it comes to the water’s edge it’s a different matter. Western Beach has a gently shelving coast and calm, gentle waves making it great for youngsters and water sports lovers alike.

Eastern Beach: The main attraction of the Eastern Beach lies mainly in the fact it’s quieter and as such has more room for you to stretch out whilst sunbathing! Unfortunately the deeper water and rocky seabed make it a little more uninviting for some too.

Restaurants in Side

Nostalji Dorf: This authentic Turkish restaurant has some great principles when it comes to food. Absolutely everything is cooked fresh, meaning you get home-made chips and baked Turkish bread.

Trio’s: Near to the old city walls of Side and the famous amphitheatre, this traditional restaurant is in a truly beautiful setting. The lamb casserole is served in authentic clay pots and lively Turkish dancing adds to the excitement of the experience whilst on holidays in Side.

Aphrodite: Lit up with lanterns at night, this quaint little restaurant has an old Ottoman style design with a wooden terraced front. Being over 25 years old, it has a real heritage with many visitors coming back year after year during their holidays to Side. Luckily this sense of tradition is passed onto the food too, with classic dishes like lamb kebabs and fresh pita breads.

Shopping in Side

Saturday Market: The lively Saturday market in Side is awash with vibrant colours and fragrant smells as street traders sell fresh fruits and vegetables alongside spices, silks and silverware.

Historic shops: Many of the shops in Side fit with the authentic character of the resort. As such they feature many traditional Turkish crafts such as hand-woven carpets and elaborately designed metalwork.

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