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Sidari Overview

Home comfort holidays: Sidari holidays have been some of the most popular holidays in Corfu for over 25 years now, so it’s had plenty of time to adapt to the British holidaymakers who have their holidays here every summer.

Cosy coves: Many people love Sidari holidays for its small peaceful beaches. It actually has a cluster of little coves, where the sand leads to a canal of seawater with high rocky cliffs on either side. It all makes for a very secluded sunbathing experience and absolute bliss if you just want a relaxing time on your holidays.

Bustling holidays: While its beaches may be peaceful, Sidari holidays still have plenty of action going on in its bars, clubs and shops. The nightlife in Sidari holidays is pretty lively, but as there’s a great selection of shops selling everything from souvenirs to high-fashion, holidays in Sidari can suit all types of holidaymaker, whether you’re looking for clubbing holidays or family holidays.

Activities in Sidari

Hydropolis: The newest water park on Corfu holidays, Hydropolis is just 11km away from Sidari holidays so it’ll be about a 20 minute taxi ride to get there. It certainly makes for a more interesting day out if you get bored of the beach. At the park you can enjoy exciting slides like the kamikaze, the space bowl and the lazy river. And the fun doesn’t stop there on Sidari holidays as you’ll come across a children’s adventure playground here too!

Aqualand: It’s fair to say that if you’re having your holidays in Sidari, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to water parks! This vibrant water park is a 40 minute taxi ride from Sidari, in a town called Agios Ioannis in the centre of Corfu. But travelling the extra distance is well worth it, as Aqualand is the largest water park in Corfu. There are lots of exciting slides and rides, especially up in the hill, where you can go on the Kamikaze, the Twister and the Black Hole.

Beaches in Sidari

Sunset Beach: There are a number of incredibly beautiful beaches in Sidari holidays, and they’re a major part of what makes Sidari so appealing as a holiday destination. Sunset Beach is certainly an example of this beauty, largely because of the dramatic chalk-white cliff which follows the edge of the coastline. Sunset Beach has wonderfully soft golden sand too, making it a lovely place for relaxing holidays in this stunning setting.

Canal d’Amour: In much the same way, Canal d’Amour (translated as the Channel of Love) looks incredibly attractive because of the far reaching rocky headlands on both sides. It actually turns the beach into a very peaceful cove to enjoy on your holidays in Sidari, with the water being calmed by the long headlands on both sides. The Canal d’Amour also has a legend of its own, as it’s believed that if you swim the full length of the channel, you’ll find your true love.

Restaurants in Sidari

Jeni’s Mediterranean Moments Cafe: Jeni’s has a large wooden sign, housed in a vibrant pink building, so you surely can’t miss it! Luckily the food is just as remarkable, with a main emphasis on cafe sweet treats to enjoy on your holidays in Sidari. Think of tasty favourites like homemade apple pie and cheesecake or savoury delights like fresh baguettes and quiche.

The Orchard: Maybe you fancy a true taste of Greece during your holidays in Sidari? If so, head to the Orchard. It’s in a pleasant, secluded location in the area between Sunset Beach and Canal d’Amour Beach, set amongst a fruit tree orchard (hence the name). Make sure you try the Greek delicacies on offer here, from saucy mousakka to wholesome stifado (chicken stew).

The Wave: Lying right on the beachfront, this charming tavern has a relaxed atmosphere that’ll instantly put you at ease during your Sidari holidays. They also offer large portions and special deals to share such as ‘mezes for 2’, which represent fantastically good value for cheap holidays in Sidari.

Nightlife in Sidari

Lively holidays: Sidari holidays offer nightlife that’s almost as lively as Kavos holidays on the southern coast. There’s a huge choice of bars and clubs here, including Arena, E-Metro, and The Lighthouse. Whereas the main club in the area is Caesar’s, and what a club it is. This huge open-air disco stays open until 8am, so you can certainly have an amazing time on your holidays here.

Relaxing pubs: It’s not all about manic nightlife on Sidari holidays, as there are many British-style pubs and bars where you can relax with your family, have a slap-up meal and even watch films and the latest sporting action. Places such as Malera Bar and Planet Bar have everything you need for days and evenings of family fun, as they feature pool tables, swimming pools, and huge satellite TVs.

Shopping in Sidari

Stylish shopping: Aside from Corfu Town, holidays in Sidari are some of the best in Corfu for shopping, especially for clothes. Planet Fashion is a great place to go if you like clothes from well known designer brands, and if you want to add a little bling, why not go to Treasures – a quality jewellers which offers all manner of gold and silver items at cheap prices compared to the UK.

Sidari Shopping Centre: There’s also a fully fledged open-air shopping centre on Sidari holidays. Spread across two levels, the shops in the centre largely consist of convenience stores and souvenir shops. But there are a number of places here which really stand out. For instance, the Olive Wood Shop celebrates the use of wood from the olive tree, with a wide variety of items on sale such as necklaces, bracelets and even key chains. Whilst on the subject of olives, you’ll also see another fantastic shop for souvenirs in the shopping centre – the Greek Traditional Olive Shop. It’s surprising to see how many uses for olives there are, from soaps to oils and creams.

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