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Safaga Overview

Small coastal port: Safaga holidays 2019 have a quiet charm all of their own. Safaga is actually still a fully functioning port too – it’s a hive of activity with the local Egyptian people going about their daily business by the Red Sea. Many visitors enjoy the sedate pace of holidays this relatively quiet resort guarantees.

Top diving holidays: Many divers consider the dive sites in Safaga to be some of the best in all Egypt, even rivalling the sites in Ras Mohammed. As the area is quieter the abundance of fish seems to be even higher, and it’s quite likely you’ll see lots of exotic species such as octopuses, puffer fish, lionfish and even scary-looking reef sharks!

Activities in Safaga

Diving holidays: Safaga was once a quiet village frequented only by locals who work around the port. However, that all changed once the secret got out about Safaga’s fantastic dives. Now, the majority of people going on holidays to Safaga come principally for the diving, with the peaceful atmosphere being an additional bonus. The best dives near Safaga include El Arish El Tor, which is actually a Norwegian shipwreck from 2002. Shipwrecks are always excellent breeding grounds for all sorts of aquatic life, and it’s highly likely you’ll see schools of barracuda and mackerel here. Abu Kafan is also considered to be one of the best dives in Safaga. It’s a 300m long barrier which funnels all sorts of sea life through its neck, including tuna, reef sharks and even hammerheads.

Water sports: The strong winds out to sea in Safaga create ideal conditions for both windsurfing and kite surfing. So ideal in fact, that the 1993 windsurfing championships where held here. If you’d like to give them these water sports a go, you’ll find several surfing schools in Safaga too.

Beaches in Safaga

Safaga Beach: There’s over 10km of golden and black coastline on Safaga, which is split into smaller individual beaches. Some of them are privately owned by the all inclusive hotels in the area, so if you’re staying in one of these hotels on holidays to Safaga, chances are you’ll have your very own private beach! One thing they do have in common though, all of the beaches have fine sand that’s nice and soft on the foot. Although unusually, there’s black sand here due to the mineral content of the sea. The actual edge of the sea can be rather rocky though, but you’ll still have access to the sea and all its delights by the jetties. These wooden walkways go all the way out into sea, so you’ll be right above the best spots for snorkelling, with vibrant fish and corals directly under the water where you jump in.

Restaurants in Safaga

Diver House: Being a small village with a focus on all inclusive holidays, there aren’t many bars or restaurants in Safaga, so luckily the Diver House combines both into one! There’s a real community atmosphere here, as most of the diners join together to chat about the day’s diving. There are also regular barbecue events and lively parties.

Hamada’s: Don’t be put off by the size of this incredibly small restaurant (only 5 tables), as the food here is fantastic. The speciality is seafood; with Hamada the chef serving freshly caught fish such as lobster and calamari.

Ali Baba: There are actually two branches of this restaurant in Safaga, so you know they must be doing something right! Barracuda is one of the top choices on the menu, and if you’ve been diving in the sea during the day, you’ll know they’re quite abundant in Safaga!

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