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Holidays to Rhodes Town

Historic city: Holidays to Rhodes Town feature most of the island’s cultural and historic attractions. Rhodes Town is actually famed for being the site of one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, The Colossus of Rhodes. Sadly the structure was destroyed in an earthquake in 480BC, but there’s still more than enough to delight you within the walled old town. In fact, Rhodes has the distinctive accolade of being the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe.

Beach holidays: Being an urbane cultured city, you could be forgiven for thinking that holidays in Rhodes Town do not have a great wealth of beaches. However, this is surprisingly not the case, as Rhodes Town is the proud owner of a number of beaches along its northern coastline. So you’ve the best of both worlds - all the sights and sounds of the city and a great selection of beaches too.

Lively holidays: Rhodes Town holidays also have some of the best bars and clubs on the island. Much like holidays in Faliraki have their fair share of wild nightspots on the southern coast, holidays in Rhodes Town have the lion’s share of bars on the north. But the main difference with holidays in Rhodes Town is that as well as having loud super clubs playing chart hits, they also offer a more traditional experience with tavernas playing Greek music until the early hours.

Attractions in Rhodes Town

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights: This elegant walled fortress was the main residence for the leader of the Order of the Knights of St John. Built at the height of the crusades in the 14th century, the castle consists of two levels, with a sprawling courtyard and imposing watchtowers. Sadly, the original construction was damaged by gunpowder in 1856, but Mussolini later rectified this in 1940, in some cases making it even grander and more ornate. For instance, the interior now consists of gleaming marble mosaics and frescoes typical of Mussolini’s extravagant style.

Church of Our Lady of The Castle: This beautiful cathedral has a harmonious structure both from the inside and out. The exterior is appealing due to its trio of arches, whilst inside you’ll see Byzantine statues and huge knaves arching into the sky. The church was actually built in the 11th century, so it’s a real relic of past times.

Acropolis of Rhodes: There isn’t only an Acropolis in Athens where the Parthenon is, as the word ‘Acropolis’ actually means a ‘high town’ in Greek, so you can find them all across the country. The Acropolis of Rhodes is of particular interest because it features several excavations dating back to the 2nd century BC. The structures here include the remaining columns of the Temple of Athena Polias, as well as a large amphitheatre and the ruins of the Nymphia and a Gymnasium.

Activities in Rhodes Town

Rodini Park: Incredibly, this park in the centre of Rhodes Town is one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world. It’s a real verdant oasis of greenery amongst the urban surroundings of the city. And this being Rhodes Town, you can still brush up on your history on your holidays by seeing the remains of a Roman aqueduct and the Hellenistic tomb of Ptolemies. The park even has a pleasant cooling canal which you can walk along, enjoying the beauty of green overflowing trees and free roaming peacocks. And there are swings, slides and a mini-zoo to keep the kids happy too!

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes: Situated at the hospital of the Knights of St John, this actual building that houses this museum is part of Rhodes’ history itself. The structure was completed in 1489, but inside you’ll find the excavations inside are even older than that! Rhodes was a focal point in ancient history, especially as the Colossus of Rhodes stood on the island for almost 100 years. The artefacts on display were largely found on the island and include figurines, vases, statues and jewellery from the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Aquarium: This major aquarium in Rhodes has been established for a long time, with its opening in 1937 as a centre for oceanic research. There’s a wide variety of marine life on display here, including sea turtles, sharks and eels. The aquarium has an interesting design too, with the exterior cream-coloured building standing alone overlooking the coast, and many of the tanks are encased around rocky caverns, giving the exhibitions a cave-like appearance.

Beaches in Rhodes Town

Akti Miaouli: This popular sand-and-shingle beach is based right within Rhodes Town, close to all the major attractions. So if you ever fancy a break from the sightseeing, this beach is the perfect choice. It’s a pretty pleasant spot too; close to the luxury hotels offering all inclusive holidays in Rhodes Town, and also offering several sun beds and parasols.

Elli: Another beach right within the centre of Rhodes Town, this beach is pretty popular thanks to its soft sand which is a rather unique dusky colour. The beach is well supported with water sports, sun beds and parasols. And you can even see the beautiful castles and buildings of Rhodes Town while you’re sunbathing!

Makris Tichos: Around 4km south of holidays in Rhodes Town, Makris Tichos is ideal if you want to take a break from the city centre for a while. Plus, the beach has soft golden sand, making sunbathing here a real treat. The headlands on its gently curving bay also help the keep the water calm and shallow.

Restaurants in Rhodes Town

Tamam: This warm, atmospheric restaurant is described as a steakhouse on its sign outside, but really it has an incredibly eclectic menu which encompasses cuisine from all over the world. From Greek specialities such as pita bread with feta cheese and creamy mousaka or baked cheese pie to international food like cannelloni and tomato and parmesan pasta, you’ll be spoilt for choice here.

Agalma: This cosy Greek taverna also doubles as a lively bar as it gets later. There’s a huge selection of exotic cocktails, but luckily the food is just as intriguing too. Try classics like meze (stuffed vine leaves), chicken stifado (thick stew) and shrimp saganki.

Om Indian Restaurant: With its ambient surroundings and tasty authentic food, Om is highly recommended. Seekh kebab, chicken massala and beef rogan josh are just a few of the delights to enjoy during your holidays in Rhodes Town.

Nightlife in Rhodes Town

Many bars and clubs: Holidays in Rhodes Town offer great nights out. The bars range from those playing traditional Greek music, such as the Resalto Club and Paffouto, to more modern tourist-focused nightspots such as Reflections, Kafe Besara and The Blue Lagoon Bar. In fact, the Blue Lagoon Bar is something on a full on day and night experience, as it has a haunted house to keep the kids happy, whilst at night it turns into a very lively party place. And that’s not forgetting the Gas Disco, which is just above the Blue Lagoon and plays loud music for frenetic dancing until the early hours. There’s even a bar street, (called ‘ermou street’ in Greek) in Rhodes Town centre, which is always a good sign if you’re looking for lots of choice on your nights out!

Shopping in Rhodes Town

Lots of markets: One of the best things about shopping on your holidays in Rhodes Town is the fact it has many different markets. These offer the opportunity to pick up local handicrafts and delicacies for surprisingly cheap prices. Zefiros and Vironas markets are mainly focused on fresh fruit and vegetables, but Mandraki features a ‘New Market’ which sells beautifully made figurines and ceramics, and many more items which will make ideal souvenirs.

Quality shops: Leather is a great buy all across Greece, and certainly Rhodes Town is no different. You’ll notice that many shops sell a variety of bags, belts and shoes all very amazingly cheap prices. And if you’re into your arts and crafts, look out for shops such as Labryrinthos which sells pieces made by local artists.

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