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Puerto Plata Overview

Scenic holidays: Puerto Plata holidays are close to the grassy green mountain Pico Isabel de Torres, a 793 metre peak which offers some dramatic views of the surrounding scenery. When you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with a smaller replica of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Peaceful holidays: The beach on Puerto Plata holidays 2019 is a real delight as it’s sprinkled with ultra fine white sand and lined with large palm trees. Looking out from the beach, you can enjoy the sight of the glittering turquoise sea and the verdant mountain of the Isabel de Torres dominating the skyline.

Attractions in Puerto Plata

Fort San Felipe: This old castle actually dates back to 1577, when it was created during the Spanish occupation of the Dominican Republic. Fort San Felipe has been converted into an interesting museum with artefacts from the time of the Spanish colonisation, which you can read all about during your holidays here.

El Faro: This cast-iron lighthouse was built in 1879, and is in an excellent position looking out to sea, elevated 42 metres above sea level. It’s very decorative and makes for a fantastic sight during your holidays in Puerto Plata, with a canary yellow tint, a visible spiral staircase and an elaborately designed watchtower at the top. The lighthouse is actually thought of with enough affection that it was renovated in 2004 thanks to the World Monuments Fund.

Activities in Puerto Plata

Mount Isabel de Torres: This impressive mountain dominates the skyline around Puerto Plata, as it rises 793 metres above sea level. You’ve a choice of ways to reach the peak too – you can either take a hair-raising taxi, reaching increasingly steep roads on the way up, or you can take a cable car on the Caribbean’s only aerial tramway of its type. Once you reach the top you’ll be able to take some fabulous photographs to remember your holidays in Puerto Plata, as well of course, as seeing a replica statue of Christ the Redeemer like the one in Rio de Janeiro.

Ocean world: This fun, zoo-based theme park has lots of exotic animals that will really capture your imagination during your holidays. You can swim with dolphins, sea lions and even sharks! There’s still plenty to see if you’re not feeling adventurous too, as there’s a tiger enclosure with white tigers, plus a tropical bird safari. All in all, there’s lots of fun to be had if you’re on family holidays in Puerto Plata.

Beaches in Puerto Plata

Playa Dorada: This gorgeous beach consists of a quiet cove of powder soft white sand, so it’s easy to see why holidays are now based around this stretch of coastline. Adding to the overall pleasantness is also the softly lapping turquoise waves and the white sandy peaks at the headlands.

Cofresi Beach: This charming beach is a little different from others in the area, thanks to its light golden sand (slightly darker than the usual creamy white). It’s also surrounded by a dense forest of palm trees, making a very peaceful place to relax during your holidays in the Dominican Republic.

Sosua Beach: A little livelier and busier than Cofresi, Sosua Beach also has delightfully soft golden sand lined with thick green foliage. Just a little further back from the beach there are some great beach shacks for eating some tasty traditional snacks or picking up a few authentic souvenirs to remind you of holidays here.

Restaurants in Puerto Plata

La Parrillada: Tasty flame-grilled meat served in hearty portions awaits you at this highly rated steakhouse. The top dishes here include shish kebab, juicy chunks of meat served on a skewer, and organic T-bone steak sourced locally. Prices are pretty low too, making this the perfect choice for cheap holidays in Puerto Plata.

Los Charros y Los Pinches Chaparros: A rather long name for this restaurant, but it’s well worth remembering for a great meal during holidays in Puerto Plata. Their speciality is mainly Mexican inspired cuisine, such as fajitas, burritos and tacos loaded with lots of spicy toppings. It makes a nice change from the typical cuisine during holidays in Dominican Republic, especially if you like hot food, as Dominican dishes are not often very spicy.

Taste restaurant & terrace: The food at Taste is of a very high standard, making it well worth a visit even if you’re having all inclusive holidays in Puerto Plata. They serve a wide range of dishes too, from luxury options like lobster and steak to authentic world cuisine such as ultra-fresh sushi and traditional mashed yucca.

Nightlife in Puerto Plata

All inclusive drinks: Puerto Plata holidays aren’t the liveliest in the Dominican Republic when it comes to nightlife. Much of the evening entertainment is based around the hotels offering all inclusive holidays in the area. So if you’re on all inclusive holidays in Puerto Plata, it’s highly likely you’ll have a few cocktail bars to choose from, as well as nightly dancing and singing shows to watch. However, not every evening need be spent in your hotel, there are a number of bars on the main street, called the Malecon, so look out for lively places like Plaza Mambo and the sports-focused Bullpen, which plays English football matches as well as Dominican baseball games on its TVs.

Shopping in Puerto Plata

Market shopping: There are two main markets you’ll come across during your holidays in Puerto Plata – Mercado Viejo and Mercado Nuevo. Mercado Viejo mainly sells fresh fruit and vegetables for local people, whereas Mercado Nuevo is much more focused on tourists on their holidays and the stalls sell a range of handicrafts produced by Dominicans themselves. Of course, there are still some great shops to visit too, with some of the best being Joyeria Las Americas, which sells jewellery at very cheap prices, and a traditional cigar-making factory based right in the centre of Puerto Plata.

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