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Cheap Portugal holidays 2017, all inclusive portugal | Sunmaster

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A classic destination, Portugal holidays 2017 have such great variety to offer within breathtakingly beautiful shores. When people think of Portugal holidays, the Algarve often springs to mind, and it’s not surprising considering it’s the most popular region for holidays in Portugal. The Algarve is particularly famed for its dramatic cliff face coastline which has all manner of unusual rock formations, with shady caves and craggy orange mountains providing a beautiful backdrop to Portugal holidays in this region. And that’s not forgetting the endless choice of golf courses in the area too.

But holidays in Portugal aren’t all about the Algarve, as the country has untold wonders in the cultural delights of Lisbon, the enchanting capital of Portugal. And Madeira is another experience entirely for Portugal holidays. This beautiful little island lies to the south west of mainland Portugal and features utterly lush forestry and some surprisingly grand buildings in its capital. But overall, wherever you choose you’ll find Portugal holidays will keep you coming back for more, year after year. Read on to discover more about Portugal holidays:


Algarve holidays are easily the most popular in Portugal. And with such fantastic (mostly cliff face-encircled) beaches, bri…

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The beautiful island of Madeira lies to the south of the Portuguese mainland and just to the east of the Moroccan coastline. Madeira holidays 2017 offer a different experience to that…

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Lisbon Coast

Lisbon Coast holidays can often be overlooked when it comes to holidays in Portugal. But they offer a surprisingly viable alternative to holidays in the ever popular Algarve or on the…

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