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Polis Overview

Peaceful town: Much quieter than holidays to Ayia Napa and other southern resorts in Cyprus, Polis holidays are on a north-western tip of Cyprus. Thankfully, holidays in Polis have retained their traditional calm atmosphere, and are seemingly untouched by tourism.

Natural delights: One of the biggest attractions in Polis holidays is the Adonis Nature Trail. It’s a five-mile walk which takes in all the beautiful natural scenery of the area. Polis holidays are also close to the Akamas Peninsula – a sprawling site with waterfalls, miles of mountainous green forest and rocky coastlines leading into intensely blue water.

Activities in Polis

Akamas Peninsula: This majestic mountainous site of over 230 square km is a special place to visit on your holidays to Polis. You can enjoy some wonderful trails through the dense forest here, as well as see the main attractions of the Baths of Aphrodite (a rock pool and waterfalls which are in the northern part of the peninsula, near Polis) and the loggerhead turtle sanctuary. Being a natural sight it’s free to visit, ensuring you stick to your budget on cheap holidays to Polis!

Museum of Marion: This small local museum only has three rooms, but they’re packed with fascinating exhibits found in the area of where you’ll be spending your Polis holidays. The artefacts here date back as far as Neolithic times and include ceramics, engravings and statues from the periods up to medieval.

Beaches in Polis

Crysochou Bay: This peaceful little beach in Polis consists mainly of sand and shingle, but it’s still a perfectly pleasant spot to spend your holidays sunbathing. You’ll also enjoy fabulous views of the nearby forestry of Polis and the Akamas Peninsula in the distance.

Polis Beach: A little busier, and certainly the most popular beach on Polis holidays. Although that’s not to suggest that it ever gets packed, even during the summer holidays you’ll still find plenty of space to sunbathe on your holidays here. This beach is recommended more highly than Crysochou if you’re looking to spend lots of time on the beach during your holidays in Polis, because the sand is of a softer golden variety and the water is incredibly clean.

Coral Bay: The best beach in the Polis, and close to Latchi, the sea at Coral Bay is incredibly calm and welcoming. Coral Bay gets very popular during the summer holidays as many people come here to enjoy the many water sports activities on offer, but it’s still well worth visiting during your holidays to Polis.

Restaurants in Polis

Finikas: The staff and owners at this warm friendly restaurant will make you feel right at home, even though you’re on your holidays in Cyprus! An extensive menu includes favourites such as steak in Diane sauce and fresh Greek salad crammed with juicy tomatoes and feta cheese. The set menu represents great value too, perfect for cheap holidays to Polis.

Arsinoe’s Fish Tavern: As you’d imagine from the name, this authentic Greek restaurant specialises in fish dishes. The cobbled exterior adds to the local village-style of your eating experience during your holidays here, and amazingly most of the fish is caught by the owner on that very day, and then passed to his daughter for cooking.

Old Town Tavern: Polis holidays seem to specialise in quaint little tavernas serving authentic Greek cuisine. Enjoy delicacies like stifado (a slow-cooked meat casserole) and delicious dips such as tsatsiki (a yoghurt dip with mint) and you’ll also get a surprise at the end of your meal – complimentary coffee and cake!

Nightlife in Polis

Quiet drinks: Polis holidays aren’t particularly big on nightlife, although if you’re looking for lively holidays out you’d be better off having your holidays on the opposite side of Cyprus, such as Ayia Napa holidays. What bars and clubs there are you’ll find mainly based by the beach and the harbour, with Zouk Bar and Rumours Disco offering decent opportunities for a good night out during holidays to Polis.

Shopping in Polis

Small shops: Polis holidays only have a few shops such as supermarkets, grocers and one indoor market selling fresh fruit and vegetables. If you’d prefer a more varied and stylish shopping experience during your holidays, you could always head to the main city of Paphos. It’s less than an hour away and you’ll find a large selection of handicraft shops and quality leather goods there, as well as High Street brands and Laikia Agora, a people’s market which sells a variety of bric-a-brac, Greek arts and crafts at very cheap prices.

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