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Nuweiba, Egypt

Nuweiba all inclusive holidays

Nuweiba Overview

Coloured Canyon: A real miracle of nature, and one of the most beautiful canyons in the whole world, let alone Egypt. The Coloured Canyon is just 12km north of the centre of Nuweiba. The sandstone of the canyon has been weathered and mineralised over thousands of years to produce the stunning effect we see today. Parts of the canyon have wavy, smooth and grooved lines, and it has also been stained beautiful shades of pink, purple, gold and silver. It’s truly an unforgettable sight on 2019 holidays to Nuweiba.

Nuweiba Castle: This fairly recent castle actually sits on the same site of a much older ancient fortress; such is its perfect strategic position on a mountain near the centre of Nuweiba. The one that stands here now was built in 1893 by the Ottoman Turk, as a means of protection against any attacks or invasions. Inside, there’s a huge water well and a granite tower, and you can still see evidence of the settlement for the soldiers of the ancient fortress here too.

Activities in Nuweiba

Diving Sites: As Nuweiba holidays have a rather unspoilt quality, you’ll find the dive sites here are absolutely teeming with life. Popular dive sites in Nuweiba include ‘sinkers’ - a large buoy which has sunk under water. Vibrantly coloured coral has attached itself to the entire buoy, creating an almost cloud-like structure of weeds and coral surrounded by schools of fish. And the El Magana site also boasts a pleasant sandy beach to shore, while under water there’s every chance you’ll spot lion fish, barracudas and sea-horses.

Beaches in Nuweiba

Tarabin beach: This flat, sandy stretch of golden coastline is only a few kilometres away from the centre of Nuweiba. You can easily reach it by bus or taxi, and you’ll be glad if you do. It’s an unspoilt paradise with a seemingly endless vista of shimmering sea; the unsheltered landscape just makes it seem all the more beautiful.

Restaurants in Nuweiba

Dr. Shish Kebab: The many all inclusive holidays in hotels in Nuweiba mean you have a range of excellent facilities and large and varied restaurant menus to enjoy. But should you fancy a change, you could always try this informal kebab restaurant. It’s actually not as low quality as you may think, as the kebabs in the Middle East are far better than in Britain. Expect a hearty portion of juicy spiced meat, served with huge helpings of fresh salad, chilli sauce and a cooling garlic dip.

Little Prince Coffee Shop: This relaxed cafe serves delicious strong, sweet and thick Turkish coffee and traditional Egyptian tea. But it’s not all about the drinks as you can also catch a good bite to eat here too. Take your pick from pizzas, pasta and spiced chicken.

Morgana: This simple little venue has a long history of over 20 years, being one of the first of restaurants in Nuweiba. The rustically presented food is a real revelation, and it has to be one of the best places to drink Bedouin hibiscus tea. It’s a great way to get a true taste of Egypt on holidays to Nuweiba.

Shopping in Nuweiba

Local arts and crafts: There’s a small market in Nuweiba with stalls selling original handcrafted items from the local Bedouin tribes. Expect to see lots of intricately woven rugs, kaftans, and decorative clay and wood ornaments. As they’re all made by regional people you can be certain of bringing back unique souvenirs from your holidays in Nuweiba too.

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