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The town of Nessebar has been a popular destination for holidaymakers for many years, as it boasts a fantastic coastal location on the edge of the Black Sea.

The town is split into two parts, Old Nessebar and New Nessebar. Old Nessebar can be found on a small peninsula, which is easily reached from the mainland. Here you will find the vast majority of the historic architecture, which includes an impressive number of churches, each boasting their own unique design. Take some time to stroll through the delightful cobbled streets weaving amongst the old buildings and stop at a cafe to take a break.

Heading over to New Town, you will come across most of the hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and not to forget to beautiful beaches. There are beach beds available to hire if you want to relax in style and water sports are also great for passing the time and having fun. The largest water park in Bulgaria is only a short distance away, so why not spend the day there with the family and try the many water slides and pools. There is even a huge castle, which is the main attraction at the water park, which gives you access to some of the slides via walkways.

The best weather can be found in the months from May to September with average highs reaching around 27 degrees Celsius. This great weather throughout the summer months will give you the chance to enjoy the nearby beaches. If you don’t mind venturing 2km to the north, you will come to the incredibly popular coastal resort of Sunny Beach, which is home to an outstanding stretch of soft sand. You will also find even more shops, bars, restaurants and activities here.
Old Town
The culturally rich Old Town can be found on a rocky peninsula connected to the mainland by a small strip of land. This is where you will find the best historic and cultural attractions in Nessebar, with many impressive churches and beautifully designed buildings. Explore the narrow cobbled streets that run back and forth between the buildings and enjoy the open views in the numerous squares that can be found here. There are some Roman ruins to discover and also Ethnological and Archaeological museums.

New Town
The new part of town is where you will find the modern lifestyle of Nessebar with many hotels and restaurants. From here you can access the local water park, the beautiful beaches and more. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re thinking of exploring the surrounding area and don’t forget, Sunny Beach is just 2km to the north.

Fisherman’s Harbour
Although fairly small, the fisherman’s harbour is the perfect place to spend the afternoon, as you will not only get to enjoy the lovely views across the water but you’ll also be able to sample some of the freshly caught seafood, which is cooked and prepared in the fresh seafood restaurants here.

Sunny Beach
The popular coastal resort of Sunny Beach is so close you could even reach it on foot! Just 2km to the north, you will get to experience one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria with plenty of water sports to go along with it. There are themed restaurants, lively bars and clubs and all the shops you could want.
Aqua Paradise Nessebar
If you’re hard to impress when it comes to water parks, prepare to be blown away, as the Aqua Paradise park is not only the newest but also the biggest in Bulgaria! Covering an impressive thirty thousand square metres, the park comes with pools, slides and a huge castle with connecting bridges. The kids definitely won’t want to leave and if you love fun then you yourself will find it hard to pull yourself away.

Water Sports
Like many popular coastal resorts with sandy beaches, Nessebar is a place where you can enjoy active water sports, which will no doubt get the heart racing. Try jet skiing and zoom across the surface of the water, racing from one end of the beach to the other. How about jet skiing? It’s fun and very addictive. Or maybe you just want a simple swim. The water here is great for that, so make sure you go for a dip one way or another.

Helicopter Tours
If you want to see the New Town, the Old Town and great views across the surrounding area including Sunny Beach then the helicopter tours are for you. Travel through the air high above the city and get the best views available from anywhere. Look inland or look out onto the glistening waters and appreciate the natural beauty that is Bulgaria’s coastline.
Nessebar is a great place for Bulgaria beach holidays, as it not only boasts its very own soft sandy stretch of coastline but right next door is the Sunny Beach resort, which is home to one of Bulgaria’s most popular beaches.

In Nessebar itself you will find three beaches. Two can be found in the new part of town and the third is located in the old part of town. Each are easily reached from all over the resort thanks to its relatively compact size and there are numerous beach beds available for hire. The mixture of beautiful beaches, clear water and comfortably warm weather makes the coastline here very popular with both locals and tourists.

If you want to experience the wonder of Sunny Beach then simply take the short journey north along the coast until you come to it. This beautiful beach offers Blue Flag status meaning that the sand and water is kept impeccably clean. There are many sun beds available for hire and water sports are also available here, should you fancy getting some action packed exercise.
Whether you’re exploring the streets of Old Town or strolling through New Town, it won’t be long before you come across one of the restaurants in Nessebar. It will seem as if there is a restaurant on every street, so you won’t be short of choice when deciding where to eat.

One of the most famed restaurants here is Gloria Mar, which offers an assortment of irresistible dishes including some unforgettable fresh seafood dishes and even sushi! If fish isn’t your favourite dish then you’ll be pleased to hear that it also serves international favourites such as Kebapche, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.

We highly recommend trying the traditional cuisine during your visit to Nessebar and what better place to experience it than at the Chevermeto restaurant. It’s all fresh and cooked to order, so why not try a popular lamb kebab or go for a simple salad. Andromeda restaurant makes another great choice if you’re after international dishes and its quaint interior will help you to relax, as you enjoy your food. Wine is a big part of the culture here, so you will find many excellent variations within most of the restaurants.
Nessebar may not be the liveliest place when it comes to nightlife but what it does have will definitely keep you entertained into the evening. If you love getting the party started with Tequila then the Tequila Bar is where you should head to first. Located on a barge at the end of a jetty, this floating bar is a great place to have fun. Michael’s Eco-Bar is another place to put on your bar crawl schedule when exploring Old Town. It has an unusually designed bar featuring stalagmites on the ceiling and offers a great selection of cocktails and a garden where you can enjoy your drink in the fresh evening air.

If you’re after a truly unforgettable clubbing experience then head to Sunny Beach just next door to Nessebar where you will find an almost endless number of bars and some extremely popular clubs. The Guava Beach Club allows you to party on the soft sand and also enjoy a delicious BBQ while you’re here. The nearby Iceberg Club is one of the largest and most modern clubs in the resort. It boasts top shows and sets from well known DJ’s during the summer and it’s only a short taxi ride away from Nessebar.

Continue the party out on the water by getting on the Tattoo party boat. It’s perfect for having fun during the day or in the evening and with its very own DJ, you can enjoy a selection of awesome tracks. If you don’t do well on the water don’t worry, as there are even more places to party on land. Hollister, Orange Disco, the Flying Dutchman and Revolution Club are among some of the other venues that you really must visit if you want an unforgettable night on the town.
The town has a good selection of shops ranging from simple market stalls selling souvenirs and trinkets to larger, more established shops selling everything you’ll need during your holiday. Admittedly out of all of the resorts it doesn’t boast the best selection of shops but it doesn’t need to thanks to its close proximity to the large Sunny Beach resort.

If you don’t mind the 2km of travelling to the north then you will be rewarded with more shops than you will have time to explore. In the centre of the resort is where you will find the huge shopping centre known as the Royal Mall. It is an open-air mall, so you can enjoy the sunshine whilst you browse the many shops found within.

Moving away from the mall to the surrounding streets, you will come to shop after shop, each selling their own particular items. There are boutiques aplenty and quaint little stalls selling awesome souvenirs. Whether you want to do some food shopping, get some new clothes or treat yourself to something special, you’re sure to find it in Nessebar and nearby Sunny Beach.

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