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Mykonos Town Overview

Authentic holidays: The narrow cobbled streets which flow through beaming white sugar cube houses give holidays in Mykonos Town 2019 an authentic Greek village feel. And while holidays in Mykonos Town certainly now get their fair share of tourists, somehow they’ve still managed to retain a traditional atmosphere and style.

Activity-packed holidays: Whilst Mykonos is a pretty small island, there’s still plenty to do, whether it’s visiting archaeological sites, exploring old churches or visiting interesting little museums.

Clubbing holidays: The nightlife on Mykonos Town holidays may not be as famed as Ibiza or Ayia Napa, but they actually offers some of the best holidays in Europe for stylish, sophisticated clubbing holidays. The super club Cavo Paradiso is often described as one of the best clubs in the world – it’s in a spectacular location perched high on a rocky cliff. But the bars in Mykonos Town are just as alluring, with contemporary surroundings hosting a classy crowd.

Attractions on Mykonos Town holidays

Delos: If you’re interested in ancient history, holidays in Mykonos Town will not be complete without visiting the small island of Dilos. This nearby island is full of a wonderful array of Hellenic ruins, as it was once an important sanctuary, said to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis in Greek mythology. Archaeological sites are sprawled across the island, including the sacred lake (where Apollo was born), the Temples of Apollo, the House of Dionysos and the Lion Terrace. There’s also an interesting little museum displaying many of the finds from the excavation. Ferries operate daily from Mykonos Town, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to get there during your holidays either.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani: Construction on this Greek Orthodox church began in 1425 but was not actually finished until the 17th century. It’s actually made up of five other churches, with this one built in the middle and seemingly merging them all together. The church is of particular interest for tourists on their holidays here because it’s such a mish-mash of styles (largely due to the five churches seemingly joined together). At each different angle, you’ll see different shapes and architecture like a domed roof, geometric stepped roofs and emblematic crosses.

The Windmills: In the western part of Mykonos Town, the windmills are one of the famed landmarks of Mykonos. Built in the 16th century, they once had an important role to play in the production of bread for the island. Now, they represent a fantastic photo opportunity for you!

Activities on Mykonos Town holidays

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos: As well as the museum of Delos, there’s another interesting little museum based right in the heart of Mykonos Town. Many of the exhibits feature finds from the Hellenistic period, although it must be said that most of the artefacts here were actually discovered on the nearby island of Delos.

Folklore Museum: Mykonos Town holidays have still managed to retain much of their original charm, despite the large influx of tourists over the past 40 years. And it’s here in the Folklore Museum where you’ll get an idea of what life was like for the islanders over 200 years ago. The exhibits include musical instruments, clothes and furniture from yesteryear.

Aegean Maritime Museum: As an island based in the centre of the Aegean Sea, it’s not surprising that Mykonos Town has a museum dedicated to its surrounding waters. It’s only a small museum but there are lots of interesting little finds in here, including pictures of seafarers, part of an old lighthouse and amphorae found in the sea.

Beaches on Mykonos Town holidays

Megali Ammos Beach: The closest beach to Mykonos Town, around 600m south from the centre. Megali Ammos is obviously very conveniently located if you’re having your holidays in Mykonos Town, and it also has a pleasant swathe of golden sand too. The beach is surprisingly quiet – an added bonus!

Agios Stefanos Beach: One of the most popular beaches in Mykonos (so quite a contrast to Megali Ammos), Agios Stefanos is only 2km away from Mykonos Town so you shouldn’t have to far to travel to get there. The beach has soft dusky golden sand and offers all modern facilities too.

Platys Gialos: 6km south from Mykonos, this family friendly beach has golden sand and pretty calm waters. Being one of the more popular beaches, Platys Gialos is surrounded by plenty of bars and tavernas and there are lots of water sports available out to sea.

Restaurants on Mykonos Town holidays

Joanna’s Nikos Place: A beautiful beachfront restaurant, and when we say beachfront we mean literally right on the beach! Dine and appreciate the stunning views of the sunset and glistening seaside. The menu here utilises Greek flavours in excellent ways, such as feta-stuffed squid and fennel balls.

Gola Restaurant: In a beautiful setting with a sophisticated, contemporary design of white leather sofas and a glistening outdoor pool, Gola Restaurant offers a refined dining experience to enjoy during holidays in Mykonos Town. The Italian cuisine features classy dishes like lobster linguine, sea bass fillet wrapped with courgettes and lasagne with beef ragout, all artfully presented on the plate.

To Maerio: In a quaint little corridor on one of Mykonos Town’s narrow cobbled streets, this small restaurant features suitably authentic Greek food. With just six tables, they really devote their care and attention to each customer, serving up a variety of classic dishes like falafel, roast pork and rosemary lamb.

Nightlife on Mykonos Town holidays

Lively nightlife: Despite still having an authentically Greek character, holidays in Mykonos Town also offer a great variety of nightspots for partying well into the night. There are even a few super clubs in Mykonos, making it a unique choice for clubbing holidays if you’ve already been to Ibiza and Ayia Napa. Around 10 minutes away from Mykonos Town (near to Paradise Beach) is Cavo Paradiso. It’s a hugely favoured club thanks to its distinctive features like an indoor swimming pool, fantastic views out to sea, and several levels and rooms. As a complete contrast, there’s Galleraki, a dark small club with some brilliant local DJs. Or how about some bars? The best include Sunset Bar, Remezzo and Caprice. With such a great variety of clubs and bars, it’s easy to see why holidays in Mykonos Town are a great alternative to the more famous clubbing holidays.

Shopping on Mykonos Town holidays

Mykonos Town shopping: As Mykonos Town is considered the capital of Mykonos, you’ll also find it offers the best variety when it comes to shopping. To fit with the chic bars and clubs in the area, you’ll discover that many of the shops and boutiques here are equally stylish. Some of the better fashion boutiques include First, CarlaG, Carouzos and Eccentrics. Most of the best clothing and crafts shops in Mykonos are located on the main shopping street – named Matogianni.

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