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Marbella Overview

Stylish holidays: Ever since the Spanish prince opened a hotel here in the 1950’s, Marbella holidays have built a reputation as a playground for the rich and famous. The yachts and Ferraris are still out in full force today, especially alongside the sun-drenched marina of Puerto Banus. You’ll see many upmarket restaurants and designer boutiques where the prices match the swanky surroundings, but luckily it’s perfectly possible to enjoy cheap holidays to Marbella too!

Golfing holidays: There are several fantastic golf courses in Marbella, and many have been landscaped beautifully with long, sweeping fairways and pristine greens. With 4 courses less than 2km from the centre of town, if you’re looking for golfing holidays you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice!

Many beaches: Marbella holidays can lay claim to the highest number of beaches in the Costa del Sol, with upwards of twenty along the stunningly bright coastline. The main beaches include Guadalmina, San Pedro and Rio Verde. Plus there’s the Golden Mile of Marbella, an exclusive stretch which includes several sandy beaches lined with luxury apartments and hotels offering fabulous all inclusive holidays in Marbella.

Attractions in Marbella

Arabian wall: On the edge of the old quarter of Marbella you’ll come across the remains of a Moorish castle. It actually dates back to the time of the Moors’ occupation of Spain in the 11th century. Although only one wall remains, it still gives a good insight to the design and architecture of the period.

Villa Romana de Rio Verde: Although this Roman villa has been reduced to rubble over time, it’s still possible to see the structural walls and tiled mosaic floors. The patterns on the mosaic of fishes, squares and Medusa heads are in surprisingly good condition considering the villa dates back to the 1st century.

Activities in Marbella

The Bonsai Museum: Delicate little Bonsai trees can take a very long time to become fully grown, but luckily some of the ones displayed in this wonderful museum are over 500 years old. Many of the trees have been planted over a small lake which has terrapins swimming freely in its waters. It’s an elegant, relaxing place a world away from what you’d expect to see on holidays to Marbella.

Museum of Spanish Engravings: This may sound like a rather particular niche subject for a museum, but it’s actually a very interesting place to visit whilst you’re on your holidays in Marbella. It’s the only museum of its kind in Spain and features pieces by Picasso (who was born in nearby Malaga), Miro and Chillida.

Golfing all inclusive holidays: There are four fantastic golf courses within 2km of Marbella, and some even have luxury five star hotels offering Marbella all inclusive holidays within their grounds so you’ll never be too far away from a spot of golf! The Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort is one such place – it has a championship level 18-hole course with lush fairways and perfectly trimmed greens. There’s also the 9-hole El Higueral in the stunning mountainous area of Benahavis, the flat vistas of the 18-hole Monte Paraiso at the bottom of La Concha mountain, and the beautiful open spaces of the 18-hole Rio Real just to the west of the centre of Marbella. In fact, if you travel a little further west from Rio Real, you’ll come across another five golf courses within the area! As you can imagine, the whole area adds up to be a great choice for Marbella golfing holidays.

Beaches in Marbella

Guadalmina: A just over 1.5km, Guadalmin is one of the longest beaches and certainly the most popular on Marbella holidays. It’s near to the Villa Romana, so after a spot of cultural sightseeing on your holidays you could always stop for a break here. The sand is fine and golden, and it’s kept exceptionally clean over the summer holidays season.

Puerto Banus: A golden 1km long beach near the sophisticated marina designed by Jose Banus. ‘Puerto Banus’ (as it’s known) is filled with shiny yachts and attracts the jet-set on their holidays in Marbella, so you’ll also see the rich and famous at this glamorous beach.

Nagueles: One of the main beaches in Marbella’s so-called ‘Golden Mile’ – a long stretch of scenic coastline with all inclusive hotels and luxury developments. The beach itself is well facilitated with showers, toilets and many bars and restaurants, as well as a variety of water sports like waterskiing and windsurfing.

Restaurants in Marbella

Cervantes: This rustic restaurant has a very homely feel; the main dining area actually looks like somebody’s living room! However, the contrast between the decor and the food is striking as the menu is a contemporary mix of Mediterranean dishes. It includes fabulous flavours like Garlic Soup and Duck Breast with Lychees.

Sushi des Artistes: Beautifully presented authentic Japanese cuisine in a unique art deco setting. Fresh ingredients are key for sushi, and luckily the fish here is bought daily to ensure everything tastes fantastic. It’s certainly not a restaurant for cheap holidays to Marbella.

Alfredo’s: The decor may be rather plain here, but this restaurant offers excellent value if you prefer cheap holidays, and there’s a great choice of perfectly cooked dishes too. The unfussy menu has a good variety of classic meals from pizza and pasta to club sandwiches, tapas and English cooked breakfasts.

Nightlife in Marbella

Stylish and sophisticated nights: Marbella holidays have some of the most glamorous bars and clubs of all Mediterranean holidays, and it’s entirely possible you may spot a celebrity or two on your nights out! Top clubs include Olivia Valere, which is kitted out like an Arabian palace and Icon, which is both a top-class restaurant and a swanky club.

Heading on to the exclusive marina of Puerto Banus, you’ll come across even more stunning clubs such as Pangea which has a Moroccan-style decor and attracts the super-rich, and Disco Inferno, which has a warm, friendly atmosphere and plays 70s disco classics. When it comes to bars, we’d recommend O’ Willies Whiskey Bar for an easy-going Irish pub or La Botellita which largely caters to a British crowd on their holidays in Marbella.

Shopping in Marbella

Upmarket shopping: Being a destination where rich people from all over the world spend their holidays, there are a good number of designer boutiques which line the streets of Marbella. You can expect to see the shiny sleek shops of Gucci, Bally and Versace here, as well as slightly cheaper international brands like Mango and Zara.

Shopping centres: Many of the malls here are of the upmarket variety too, with La Canada centre being the most popular. It has over 30 fashion boutiques but also features a rather handy supermarket with surprisingly cheap prices. Plus, there’s Centro Comercial Benabola which can count a Versace store among its many stylish boutiques, and Centro Comerical Marina Banus, which is conveniently placed along Puerto Banus should the shopping mood take you while you’re near the seaside.

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