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Malia Overview

Beach holidays: The beach on Malia holidays is a real delight, with over 5km of light golden sand. It’s a flat, open expanse with lots of space for sunbathing all day during your holidays. But fittingly for action-packed holidays, there’s a lot to do if you fancy being more active too. The young beach crowd that come here every summer for cheap holidays in Malia spend their time enjoying the banana boats, doughnuts and jet-skis out to sea.

Clubbing holidays: Malia holidays could be claimed to be the best for clubbing holidays in Europe, rivalling even holidays to Ibiza and Ayia Napa Holidays for popularity. It’s favoured for two main factors – plenty of bars and very cheap holidays! The clubs on Malia holidays 2019 may not be as glamorous as those on Ibiza holidays, but the atmosphere is just as frenetic, with many bars pumping out loud music until the early hours, enticing you in with huge bowls of cheap drinks!

Attractions in Malia

Palace of Malia: The island of Crete has a long and illustrious history, being the home of the Minoan civilisation, an ancient society which dates back further than the Romans and Athenians. And you can see awe-inspiring first-hand evidence of this civilisation on your holidays in Malia. Just 3km away, you’ll discover this huge Minoan Palace, estimated to have been built around 1900 BC.

Knossos: This huge archaeological site dates back to the Bronze Age of around 5000 years ago. Thanks to the extensive restoration the columns and frescoes are now dazzlingly bright and clear, and make a really memorable sight on your holidays in Malia.

Agios Nektarios Church: This large church located on the main road of the Malia Old Town has a pretty unusual dome-shaped exterior, with cream coloured walls and a bright red roof. But really, it’s all about the inside, literally the entire interior is covered in bright, elaborate paintings from top to bottom. It’s a really refreshing sight if you’re nursing a sore head after spending the night clubbing on holidays to Malia!

Activities in Malia

Water sports holidays: Malia holidays have a selection of beaches at which to try your hand at lots of fun water sports. All three beaches, Tropical Beach, Aeolos Beach and Sun Beach have water sports facilities including centres for jet-skiing, surfing and parasailing. And you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the high-octane action, as there are beginners’ courses, plus fun banana boats and doughnuts which are great for a laugh on your holidays.

Kartland: This speedy go-kart track is just the thing for a bit of high-octane fun when you’re on Malia holidays. The friendly team offers cheaper rates to large groups, making it a top choice if you’re on a tight budget during cheap holidays in Malia. Karts go up to speeds of 30mph, making races even more exciting when you’re going full throttle.

Beaches in Malia

Tropical Beach: The entrance to this wide, golden beach is marked by a colourful wooden boat and a bright neon sign. This quirky welcome seems to fit with the lively nature of the beach, where the young and beautiful come to preen and pose during their holidays to Malia. Over the summer holidays especially you’ll hear loud dance music and the roar of jet skis too!

Aeolos Beach: A quieter, more low-key beach than Tropical, Aeolos has charms of its own with its soft, lightly golden sand and inviting blue Mediterranean waters. You’ll also find plenty of choice for water sports at this beach.

Sun Beach: The quietest of all the beaches on Malia holidays, and it’s also considered to be one of the best you’ll come across on holidays to Crete. And if you’re out to sea you can still experience all the lively action like the other beaches, in the jet-skiing and windsurfing available.

Restaurants in Malia

Eva Taverna: If you’ve a longing to try classic Greek food on your holidays to Malia, then Eva Taverna will be your best bet. The rustic wooden decor with creeping vines and small, intimate tables seems to fit well with the traditional dishes like homemade stuffed vine leaves, rosemary flavoured lamb and honeyed almonds.

San Giorgio: Located in the heart of Malia old town this charming restaurant is in a very romantic setting. Based on two levels with a wooden balcony, overflowing vines and gentle lights, this restaurant will put you in the mood to enjoy dishes like chicken souvlaki and the refreshing yoghurt and mint dip tsatziki.

Kalesma: Another traditional Greek restaurant to try during holidays in Malia, except this one incorporates a few other classic Mediterranean dishes too. So you can enjoy dishes from mezze (like stuffed vine leaves) to aubergine with melted cheese and eastern-inspired falafel.

Nightlife in Malia

Clubbing hoidays: As with many resorts focusing on clubbing holidays, Malia has its own ‘strip’ – a long street lined with buzzing bars and clubs. The action really starts to heat up pretty late, often past 10pm, and it’s around this time you’ll see all the glowing neon signs lit up in the dark, with people ready to entice you in with cheap drinks deals! It’s perhaps the reason why Malia is particularly popular with people looking for very cheap holidays. The best bars include Electra (very lively with dancing on tables!), Help Bar (offering huge bowls of cocktails for cheap prices), and Babylon (with creative bar staff bringing you a range of inventive cocktails).

There are a number of clubs open until the early hours too, playing a wide range of loud music. Look out for Apollo and Havanas – both play the latest R ‘n’ B, hip-hop and garage music in clean, cool surroundings. Whilst if you’re up for more chart-based dance tunes you’d be best off heading to somewhere like ZigZags or Factory as both feature huge dance floors with plenty of room to shake your stuff! And maybe you fancy music that’s a little more mellow and retro during your holidays? If so, get on down to Flares, where just like the British-based clubs of the same name, they play 70s and 80s classics all night.

Shopping in Malia

Souvenir shopping: The shops on Malia holidays seem to specialise in items specifically aimed at tourists. Mainly, we’re thinking of things such as cheap novelty t-shirts, bracelets and ceramics, which are all fine if you’re looking to save money on cheap holidays in Malia. But it’s also possible to bring back items of real sentimental value to remind you of your holidays in Malia. Some of the street stalls sell handicrafts which are unique to Crete holidays – look out for figurines, hand-made leather goods and surprisingly cheap jewellery.

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