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Lindos Overview

Scenic holidays: In a truly beautiful location, on a quiet coast overlooking the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s fair to say Lindos holidays 2019 are some of the prettiest in any of the Greek islands. Its cluster of whitewashed villages undulates amongst the hilltops, culminating in the grand spectacle that is the Acropolis of Lindos.

Historic town: Lindos has a rich and varied history, with many civilisations passing though this oft forgotten town. Settlements actually started here as far back at the 10th century BC and the time of the Dorians. However, it’s the structures on the Acropolis that have really made its mark on Lindos. These primarily consist of grand temples dating from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, although that’s not forgetting the medieval buildings created in Lindos, particularly the Castle of the Knights of St John.

Attractions in Lindos

Acropolis of Lindos: An acropolis literally means ‘high city’ in Greek, and you’ll find several on Rhodes, including this one here in Lindos. In ancient times, the building in Lindos was focused extensively on this area, because the raised position offers natural defence to each civilisation’s most prized structures. There are many structures that still remain here today, including the ruins of the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, a relief of a Rhodes’ warship, a Roman Temple and the 4th century BC Propylea of the Santuary. Truly a fascinating sight on your holidays in Lindos.

Castle of the Knights of St John: Although this imposing sandstone castle also forms part of the Acropolis, we thought we’d mention it separately as it’s such a dominant sight. The walls and towers almost seem to have been built into the cliff. Created in 1317, the castle was actually built upon an old Byzantine structure, although today sadly only the western side of the castle survives intact.

The Church of the Panagia: The impressive three-tier bell tower is the first thing you’ll notice about this elegant church. It also makes it incredibly easy to find the church, as it dominates the skyline on Lindos holidays. But conversely, the real awe-inspiring attraction of the church is actually its interior. The elaborate Byzantine artwork covers the entire inside, from the ceiling to the roof, and it’s an entrancing combination of intense gold and red illustrations.

Beaches in Lindos

Lindos Beach: The main beach on Lindos holidays follows a gentle curve as part of Lindos Bay. Surrounded by sweet smelling pines and olive trees, the beach is a very peaceful choice for your sunbathing, despite it being the most popular beach in Lindos. You’ll also enjoy the backdrop of the acropolis across the skyline too.

Pallas Beach: This pleasant curving beach makes up part of Lindos Bay. Slightly separated from the main beach on Lindos holidays, it’s a real relaxing retreat thanks to the steep embankment of dusky orange terrain. The covered rocky headlands also make the water here some of the calmest in the area.

St Paul’s Bay: In a similar fashion to Pallas Beach, St Paul’s Bay lies a small distance away, to the south of the main beach on Lindos holidays. And it’s just as alluring too, with rocky hills and small pines encircling the golden sand. The water is also the most pleasing turquoise colour.

Restaurants in Lindos

Mythos: This welcoming Greek restaurant is as highly rated for its atmosphere and lively nights as it is for its delicious food. Try the thick hearty stew that is the beef stifado, or how about the stuffed tomatoes or slow-cooked lamb? The restaurant is also in a wonderful rooftop location, with superb views of the surrounding scenery for memorable meals on your Lindos holidays.

Dionysos: Lindos holidays have still retained their authentic character, and you’ll notice this just as much in the myriad Greek restaurants as you will in the classic village houses and forestry. The bright cream-coloured interior is a real breath of fresh air and the varied menu of Greek dishes is excellent.

Amfithea: If you fancy a change from the many Greek restaurants on Lindos holidays, how about Amfithea? True, it does still feature Greek dishes, but the added bonus here is that you have lots of choice for Italian and British cuisine – everything from steak and chips to richly flavoured lasagne.

Nightlife in Lindos

All-action holidays: Surprisingly for a traditional village seemingly rooted in the past, Lindos holidays have a great variety of lively bars and clubs. For example, Nama, Acropolis and Amphitheatre are all open-air clubs (Lindos has the sunny warm weather for it, especially in the summer) which stay open until well into the night. But there’s also a smattering of stylish cocktail bars like Courtyard Bar and By Night Bar which follow a trend unique to Lindos holidays of featuring leafy rooftop terraces.

Shopping in Lindos

Stylish shopping: With its beautiful scenery and quiet relaxed pace, Lindos holidays has proved a major draw to celebrities, with the rich and famous choosing to either have their holidays in Lindos, or live around the area. Unsurprisingly this has resulted in a number of high-end upmarket boutiques popping up the village. This is great news for those who take their fashion seriously though! However, it’s not all about designer boutiques, as there are a fair few shops like Sokaki and Agora which offer all manner of locally produced souvenirs, including lace, ceramics and jewellery.

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