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Limassol Overview

Cultural holidays: Limassol holidays are attractive to tourists for a variety of reasons. Principally though, people have been coming on holidays here for years to gaze in wonder at the incredible historical sites. Expect to see towering temples, castles and ancient ruins all within easy reach on Limassol holidays.

Lots of things to do: Being a bustling major city, Limassol holidays have a lot of everything – many bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and more. That means it’s a great place to have your holidays if you normally get bored of the beach after a while.

Urban beaches: Luckily Limassol holidays are on the southern coast of Cyprus. So you can be sure you’re never far away from a fantastic beach!

Attractions in Limassol

Limassol Castle: This old castle has a long and distinguished history dating right back to 1000AD. And it’s not all about the age of the building either - inside it has been created to be a real experience for people on their holidays in Limassol. You can see an olive oil press, as well as exhibitions with suits of armour, jewellery and weapons. Supposedly, Richard the Lionheart got married at this site too, in around 1191.

Kourion: This beautifully preserved ancient site is 18km from Limassol in the small southern coastal town of Episkopi. It’s really worth your while making the trip out here as you can see some impressive structures dating from the 2nd century BC which you’re entirely free to wander around. The highlights here include a Greco-Roman theatre (which is still used for open-air concerts today), a large public bath and the Temple of Apollo. Sitting on the theatre steps is a wonderful experience on your holidays in Limassol, as the theatre has been perfectly positioned to afford spectacular views of the shimmering blue Mediterranean Sea.

Amathus: Another ancient city which is 11km to the east of Limassol. There has been a settlement at this site since the 11th century BC, and today it’s still possible to see the evidence of the Hellenic and Roman civilisations that lived here. The ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite can still be seen in the white towering columns that cast huge shadows in the midday sun. There are also tombs to explore which date back to the Greco-Roman period.

Activities in Limassol

Archaeological Museum: Cyprus has had a long history with many famous civilisations from the Greeks to the Romans and the Byzantines all passing through this island in the Mediterranean. It’s fitting then, that Limassol holidays feature a large archaeological museum to house all of the historical finds discovered in Cyprus over the years. The artefacts here date right back to the Neolithic period, plus there’s a particular focus on items from the 4th century AD and Ottoman artwork from the 16th century.

Elias Country Club: This 18-hole golf course is the perfect place to get a bit of sporting action in during your holidays in Limassol! There are actually all inclusive hotels based round here too so you can have the golf course right on your door step. As well as being able to practise your swing on the trimmed fairways, there’s a country club here too where you can partake in lots of interesting activities on your holidays in Limassol, such as fishing in the private lake, horse-riding and hiking.

Fasouri Watermania Water Park: The Fasouri is an award-winning water park based close to the all inclusive hotels in Limassol. With many fantastic attractions such as the Kamikaze, the Lazy River and a huge wave pool it’s possible to have a whole day of fun with the family here. There are over 2000 sun beds set up around the park so as you can imagine there’s plenty of space for sunbathing here on your holidays!

Galatica Luna Park: This park is lots of fun for family holidays! Inside you’ll see speedy roller coasters as well as fully fledged indoor entertainment centres featuring ten-pin bowling and videogame arcades. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from too if you get a bit peckish after all the excitement in the park!

Municipal Gardens: Right within the centre of Limassol, the Municipal Gardens offer a cooling, shady retreat from the heat and hectic nature of the urban inner-city. The Municipal Gardens house a flower show every spring, and it’s also the main area used for the Limassol Festival in September. The gardens also proudly claim to have the only outdoor zoo you’ll see on Cyprus holidays – expect to see lots of exotic animals including tigers, lions, monkeys and bears.

Beaches in Limassol

Ladies’ Mile: This beach was once a ladies-only beach, hence the name, but it’s not anymore! Ladies’ Mile is one of the most popular beaches in Limassol, mainly thanks to it being only 15 minutes away from the city centre. It’s a pleasant enough stretch to spend your holidays too, with white grainy sand combined with a few pebbles here and there, depending on where you choose to sunbathe. Luckily the calm, shallow waters make ideal conditions for swimming, especially for younger children. While the waves get much choppier further out to sea, which attracts windsurfing holidays to this part of the island too.

Governor’s Beach: Slightly less crowded than many of the other beaches on Limassol holidays, the Governor’s Beach is a sandy stretch of coastline which leads to crystal clear waters. With this particular golden shore being quieter than most, it’s the ideal place to just relax and enjoy the warm sunshine on holidays to Cyprus.

Dasoudi Beach: 3 miles east from Limassol holidays, Dasoudi Beach is worth travelling the short distance to enjoy it’s powder soft golden sand and gentle waters. Dasoudi certainly has the best sand of all the beaches in Limassol holidays but it also has lots more to recommend it, such as great water sports facilities and a shady, pine tree lined promenade.

Restaurants in Limassol

Terra e Mare: This beautifully decorated restaurant has an ambience that immediately makes you feel at peace. The staff are very attentive and are quick to bring out dishes of simple, unfussy food that is perfectly cooked. Meals on the menu include rack of lamb with fragrant rosemary or mouth-watering flame-grilled chicken. Mains come with the option to take whatever you fancy from the fresh salad buffet too, making meals great value for cheap holidays to Limassol.

The Golden Sun: Although the retro wooden exterior of the Golden Sun may look like a classic British pub, inside you’ll actually discover it’s actually a rather fine restaurant! For the food, simplicity is key and they’ve actually incorporated many British favourites on their menu. Expect to see delights such as juicy pork steaks with mustard and steak and gravy pie. Everything is served with huge portions of side orders, including chips, rice and vegetables all on one plate! Kids will find it easy to choose what they like too, as the special menu has plenty of children’s dishes like hamburger or chicken nuggets with chips – perfect for family holidays.

Ta Piatakia: If you’re fancying something a little more special to eat on your holidays in Limassol, whilst also trying cuisine which stays true to its Cypriot roots, you won’t go wrong with Ta Piatakia. The restaurant takes local delicacies and ingredients and adapts them to form exciting new dishes. On the menu you’ll discover fantastic taste sensations such as feta parcels, deep fried celery and mushrooms in rosemary sauce.

Nightlife in Limassol

Galatex Centre: Limassol holidays offer a vibrant mix of lively bars and clubs for young people, plus more traditional Cypriot bars which have a warm, friendly atmosphere. The Galatex Centre is on the wilder side of things though, and it’s here you’ll come across karaoke bars, sports pubs and pumping loud music in dance clubs. Top tips for a great time here include the Irish-themed Lucky Leprechaun and the lively Blu Bar. The club Basement is also close to this area too – it plays bass-heavy music until 3.30am, so it’s the perfect place if you fancy partying until the early hours.

Traditional bars: If you prefer your nightlife to be on the more sedate side of things when you’re on your holidays, there are plenty of quieter Cypriot bars ideal for a few quiet drinks. The Old Town of Limassol would be the best place to head as it’s here you’ll find quaint little pubs like the Cuckoo’s Nest (with its traditional wooden decor) and Angels Pub. Take up a table and relax nursing an ouzo (a classic Greek aniseed-flavoured spirit) whilst listening to the melodic sounds of authentic Cypriot music. A blissful way to spend relaxing holidays!

Shopping in Limassol

Shopping streets: When it comes to shopping in Limassol holidays, it’s all about the various shopping streets to wander around in the city. Ayios Andreas and Anexartisias are two of the best for tourists as they have a good selection of leather goods, handicrafts and lace, all of which are famed for their quality on Limassol holidays. On the subject of lace, you should also visit the House of Lace as this intriguing shop stretches its subject to the max, with everything from table cloths to blouses, bags and even umbrellas all made of lace! You’ll find this shop on St. Andrews Street in the charming Old Town area of Limassol. Also whilst you’re on your holidays here don’t forget to visit Makarios Avenue – it’s a prestigious shopping street in the heart of Limassol with designer boutiques and upmarket jewellery shops.

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