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Lassi Overview

Beach holidays: There are two beaches within walking distance of Lassi, and both have radiant golden sand that leads into amazingly clear waters. Sunbathe on either of them during your Lassi holidays and you’ll enjoy the impressive sight of pine-clad mountains too.

Close to the capital: Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia, and it’s just a few kilometres from Lassi. That means you can enjoy all the bars, shops and restaurants of this larger town, whilst also enjoying the benefits of the unhurried pace of Lassi holidays 2019.

Attractions on Lassi holidays

St George’s Castle: Although this site actually dates back to 394AD, the current St George’s Castle was actually built in the 15th century by the occupying Venetians. They worked extensively on the building, adding stronger walls, a larger fort and a courtyard. It makes for an interesting walk around the sprawling site, set in a strategic position overlooking a high cliff face. At the top, you’ll also be rewarded with some marvellous views across the beautiful green plains of Kefalonia.

Saint Gerassimos Monastery: Saint Gerassimos is now inextricably linked to Lassi, largely thanks to him living in a local cave for five years in the 14th century. A small old church was built next to the cave, and you can visit both of them, or if you prefer, you could always visit the comparatively modern monastery (built in 1992) nearby.

Activities on Lassi holidays

Archaeological museum of Argostoli: Whilst it’s only small, you’ll see lots of interesting artefacts at this charming museum. All of the exhibits on display were found in Kefalonia, so it’s a great way to brush up on the island’s history while you’re on your holidays here. Discoveries include 12th century BC cups and shimmering gold necklaces.

Beaches on Lassi holidays

Makrys Gialos Beach: This gently curving, golden sandy beach is certainly a great place to spend your time sunbathing on Lassi holidays. Backed by densely packed green trees and large rocks lining the coast, it’s a very scenic beach, and also pretty popular. Just make sure you get there early!

Platys Gialos Beach: Only 1km from the centre of Lassi, Platys Gialos is one of the most convenient beaches to visit during your Lassi holidays. Luckily, it’s also very beautiful too. The water here is amazingly clear, and the backdrop of large ochre coloured mountains adds to the ambience of the area.

Avithos Beach: Around 6km away from Lassi, Avithos Beach is best if you fancy a change of surroundings during your holidays. It also has a dreamy stretch of golden sand, seemingly longer than both Makrys Gialos and Platys Gialos, but then Avithos does mean ‘bottomless beach’ in Greek! Backed by huge mountains (which really do provide an arresting sight whilst you’re sunbathing), Avithos is also the proud owner of a Blue Flag award for cleanliness and safety.

Restaurants on Lassi holidays

Butler’s House: A particular favourite for people who have their holidays in Lassi, Butler’s House has a nice leafy courtyard for enjoying your meals outside. As you would expect, there’s a large choice of traditional Greek dishes, but just as much choice on the menu for those who prefer British food. The live Greek music played on most nights adds to the atmosphere too.

Nefeli Restaurant: Its exterior may look quite unassuming, but inside you’ll find some of the best food you’ll come across on Lassi holidays. Much of the menu is focused on Greek cuisine and they’re great at cooking a variety of meat dishes such as lamb cutlets, pork chops and succulent steak.

Il Tramanto: Here’s an interesting fusion of cooking and cultures! This restaurant skilfully blends all that’s great about Italian and Greek cuisines into one tasty package. Some dishes even utilise Greek flavours and ingredients for classic Italian recipes. It’s well worth paying this restaurant a visit during your Lassi holidays.

Nightlife on Lassi holidays

Chilled nightlife: Like the rest of Kefalonia, Lassi holidays are pretty laid-back when it comes to nightlife. There are a few decent clubs and bars here, but by and large, Lassi holidays a top choice for families and pure relaxation and the understated nightlife reflects this. Nevertheless, look out for the Cinema Music Club, Exclusive Bar, Trendis Bar and So Simple, as all have a decent atmosphere for what is a fairly quiet resort.

Shopping on Lassi holidays

Souvenir shopping: Although Lassi is a pretty small resort, there’s still a decent variety of shops here for picking up souvenirs to bring back home with you. There are a couple of mini-markets which offer postcards and beachwear alongside all the essential food items you might need. But for great souvenir shopping, you should visit GG Garbis, a specialist design shop that sells lots of memorabilia from Lassi holidays, or Olive Press Gifts, which offers jewellery, ceramics and figures all locally produced.

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