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Kos Town Overview

Historic town: Holidays in Kos Town have a huge number of ancient attractions. Within a relatively small town you’ll uncover untold historical treasures, including the Asklepion, a Hellenistic theatre and a medieval castle. There’s even an archaeological museum to display all the fascinating finds excavated from sites in Kos.

Sophisticated holidays: Being the main town in Kos, you’ll also see lots of stylish bars here that make for a glamorous evening out. The atmosphere is not as raucous as it is on Kardamena holidays, but it will be ideal for those who prefer their drinking a little more laid back.

Attractions in Kos Town

The Asklepion: Dating back to around 350BC, the cult of Asklepios was a phenomenon which spread across all of Greece. Temples were erected dedicated to the god Askelpios primarily as centres for healing and medical care. The Asklepion in Kos is of significant historical importance because it is believed that Hippocrates received his medical training here, which is no small claim considering Hippocrates is often considered the father of modern medicine. Within the site you’ll see the remains of temples, gymnasiums and spas featuring colourful mosaics and towering columns. It should be top of your list to visit during your holidays in Kos Town.

Castle of the Knights of Saint John: This crusader castle has a number of interesting architectural features, including a stone bridge which used to connect two parts of Kos that were separated by water. And despite being over 600 years old, the four main towers of the castle still stand and you can even see the gun ports and bastions which were once in full use. There’s also an interesting museum in the northern tower which features sculptures and ornate engravings. The beautiful exhibitions make for memorable sights on your holidays in Kos Town.

Tree of Hippocrates: Based in the centre of Kos close to the Castle of the Knights of St John, this tree is thematically important because it’s believed that Hippocrates taught students about medicine here. The current tree is around 500 years old, but is a direct descendant of the tree which stood in Hippocrates time. It has become so revered that universities from as far as America, Scotland and Australia have visited here to obtain cuttings to grow the tree in their grounds.

Casa Romana: An opulent Roman villa built in the 2nd century AD, inside you’ll discover an ancient water cistern and lots of elaborate mosaics which are in remarkably good condition. It’s a spectacular sight well worth seeing on your holidays in Kos Town.

Activities in Kos Town

Hippocratic Museum: This interesting little museum is focused on everything about Hippocrates, a famous Greek born in Kos around 460BC. Considering Hippocrates is described as the father of modern medicine, you can imagine that he’s very fondly thought of here! Within the museum you’ll come across exhibitions focused on spreading his message, as well as literature about the aims of Hippocratic medicine. It’ll make for an interesting day out during your holidays in Kos Town. Kos Archaeological Museum: Kos has a rich and diverse history as many ancient civilisations have passed through the island. This grand historical heritage is highlighted in this charming museum. Spread over two levels, the light and airy rooms feature all kinds of primary artefacts, including pottery from the Bronze Age (over 3,000 years ago) as well as Roman mosaics and sculptures.

Beaches in Kos Town

Thermes Beach: Around 12km from Kos Town, Thermes Beach offers far more than just sunbathing – it’s a major tourist attraction in its own right. The main reason why people on Kos holidays come from miles around to visit Thermes is the fact it’s close to a sulphur outlet due to volcanic activity. This makes the water wonderfully warm, with small bubbles erupting from the depths of the sea. It’s basically like a natural whirlpool, with temperatures up to 50C! Plus the sulphuric water is even considered to cure skin ailments. Make this the first beach on your list to visit during your holidays in Kos Town.

Lambi Beach: This golden beach is around 3km from the centre of Kos Town. It’s pretty popular due to its close proximity to the town, and also because it has extremely soft sand which stretches for over one kilometre.

Kos Town Beach: Also known as Zouroudi Beach, many people largely come to this coastline for its convenience, as it’s literally minutes from the centre of Kos Town. Unfortunately the beach is a mix of rather coarse sand and shingle, and the water gets deep pretty quick out to sea.

Restaurants in Kos Town

Caravan restaurant: This authentic Greek restaurant is one of the highest rated you’ll find on your holidays in Kos Town. As soon as you arrive you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome by the very friendly waiters. And the menu isn’t entirely focused on traditional Greek food too, as you’ll also be able to enjoy British favourites like steak and chips or pork chops with gravy.

Olympiada: Here’s another authentically Greek restaurant in the centre of Kos Town. Famous dishes served here include souvlaki (meat skewered kebabs), stifado (thick stew) and moussaka (a creamy dish similar to lasagne).

Elia: As you may have guessed by now, Kos Town holidays seem to specialise in tavernas which offer traditional Greek cuisine. However, what’s great about Elia is that its menu ventures beyond the usual Greek fare you may expect to taste on your Kos holidays. Here you’ll also try many more delicacies such as aubergine puree salad, cheese pies and ouzo flavoured meatballs.

Nightlife in Kos Town

Classy cocktail bars: Being the capital of the island, the nightlife in Kos Town is distinctly cosmopolitan. There’s a wide selection of stylish clubs and bars with sleek, modern surroundings and cool terraces. The best nightspots in particular include Heaven Club (with colourful curtains, tables and chairs), Harem (with Moroccan styling) and Tropical Island based right by the beach. And if you’re looking for somewhere to just relax with a chilled cocktail in hand, you won’t go far wrong with Blue Bird, or Mylos which is an old windmill that has been lovingly restored. All out partying: It’s not just about cool cocktail bars during holidays in Kos Town, as there are some lively places too for all out partying. Specifically, we’re thinking of nightspots such as Charisma, Jacksons and Molly Malones. All offer a raucous experience where cheap drinks and a great night come guaranteed!

Shopping in Kos Town

Central market: The indoor market in the centre of Kos Town (also called the Agora) has a great selection of unique shops and stalls. It should be one of the first places to head to if you’re looking to pick up original items and local products during your holidays in Kos Town. Of particular interest are items such as sponges, olive oil and honey. Herbs are also a real highlight and taste much more fragrant than they do back in the UK! Retail therapy: There’s much more to Kos shopping than just the market! You’ll also discover great fashion boutiques like Diva and Argentum jewellery shop which has amazingly cheap prices.

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