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Kefalos Overview

Peaceful holidays: The original Kefalos is a pretty whitewashed village situated on a sunny hillside in the far south of Kos. Overlooking a gorgeous golden bay, it was actually only recently that this idyllic location started gaining attention as a top spot for holidays.

Beachside holidays: From humble village beginnings, Kefalos holidays have now become very popular. From your (probably all inclusive) hotel you’ll be able to enjoy authentic tavernas, quaint little bars and a selection of golden beaches. There are several attractions nearby too, including ruins, caves and a basilica.

Attractions in Kefalos

Ruins of Astypalaea: Around 3km south from Kefalos, these ruins once formed structures which made up the site of the ancient capital of Kos. Here you’ll come across the temple of Demeter, considered to date back to the 5th century BC, as well as a temple dedicated to Aesculapius and a Hellenistic theatre.

Medieval castle ruins: On the hillside close to the original Kefalos village, you’ll come across the ruins of this medieval castle. Built around the 14th century, it’s believed that the castle was used for crusaders who passed through the area on their way east towards places of pilgrimage.

Agios Stefanos Basilica: Only one single column remains of the Agios Stefanos Basilica, but it’s still worth visiting this site during your Kefalos holidays as it’s in a wonderful location overlooking pine-covered mountains and the endless blue sea. Plus, with a little imagination you can picture how big the temple once was when it stood in its full glory back in the Hellenisitic period.

Activities in Kefalos

Aspri Petra Cave: Also known as White Stone Cave, Aspri Petra is a site of astounding natural beauty well worth visiting during Kefalos holidays. Due to the cave’s hidden location, it was not extensively mined for gravel or construction, so much of the chalky white stone remains. Aspri Petra is also inextricably linked to the history of Kos, as clay pots found here proved that the island was inhabited as far back as 3000BC.

Monastery of Agios Ioannis: Around a 7km trek if you’re having your holidays in Kefalos, this monastery has a truly beautiful interior. Viewing it from the outside, you may actually miss it as it has just a plain whitewashed exterior. But inside, the walls are adorned with colourful frescoes, while the facade is decorated with ornate imagery and gilded chandeliers.

Kos Folk Museum: This interesting little museum is actually housed within a traditional building that accords well with its folk theme. Artefacts on display here include farming tools, tapestries and outfits all used in the past by the islanders of Kos. It’s the great place to visit if you’d like to learn a little more about the island during your Kefalos holidays.

Beaches in Kefalos

Kamari Beach: Around 5km long, this pleasant golden beach makes up part of the Bay you’ll come across on Kefalos holidays. It’s actually overlooked by the old village of Kefalos. It can get pretty popular during the summer holidays, as it’s well-supported with sun beds, water sports and beach bars.

Chryssi Akti Beach: Translated into English as ‘Golden Coast’, this pleasant stretch is indeed of a glorious golden colour! Lying on the midway point between Kefalos and Kardamena, Chryssi Akti is a convenient beach if you’re having cheap holidays at either resort. It’s also a lot quieter than many of the other beaches in the area.

Lagades Beach: This popular beach consists of shimmering golden sand and completely crystalline waters. The sea is pretty shallow making for safe swimming and paddling for children, although the entire are of Kefalos Bay has been known to attract people on windsurfing holidays too. The cooling breezes and calm waves make great conditions for the water sport.

Restaurants in Kefalos

Maria: This highly regarded restaurant concentrates on what it knows best – how to serve great Greek food in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Try classic dishes like souvlaki (skewered meat kebabs) and klefitko (thick, tasty stew) all cooked to perfection.

Aussie Steak House: If you fancy a change from Greek cuisine when you’re on Kefalos holidays, then you can’t go wrong with this unfussy restaurant. It serves a wide range of food, from juicy grilled meat to Italian-style pasta and fresh fish.

T42: This restaurant has a lovely leafy outdoor terrace which is great for eating in the warm weather over the summer holidays. It’s also the ideal choice if you fancy some classic British food like full English breakfasts and mouth-watering roast dinners.

Nightlife in Kefalos

Friendly bars: Kefalos holidays aren’t particularly known for rowdy nightlife, but you will still find a decent choice of bars here with a warm community spirit. Sydneys and Players are both particularly popular for those on cheap holidays in Kefalos as they welcome you with cheap drinks, loud music and a great atmosphere – what more could you want! There are also a few more relaxed family-focused bars such as Escape, Cafe Bravo and Opa Bar.

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