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Kamari Overview

Scenic holidays: Kamari holidays are located in Santorini, one of the most unique islands on earth. Its distinctive topography is due to the active volcano that resides on the centre of Santorini. There have been several eruptions over the years but none as big as the ancient explosion 3,600 years ago. This eruption contributed to the unusual shape of Santorini, it’s two headlands seem to encircle you as you enter, like two giant arms wrapping you an embrace.

Popular holidays: Kamari is one of the most popular places for holidays in Santorini. It’s largely thanks to the stunning black beach and the close proximity of ancient Thira, a stunning archaeological site. There’s even a great selection of bars on Kamari holidays, and alongside modern Thira, Kamari holidays 2019 are the best for nightlife on the island.

Attractions on Kamari holidays

Ancient Thira: Thanks to Santorini’s unique mountainous topography, ancient Thira is literally directly above Kamari (it’s around an hour’s walk from the resort). Santorini has a rich and dramatic history, dating back to Minoan times and the volcanic eruption 3,600 years ago that rocked the civilisation to the core. The ancient city of Thira does not date back this far, but there were inhabitants here from the 9th century BC to 726 AD, so it certainly still has an illustrious heritage. Following several excavations, the ruins are now open for public viewing every day. Most notable buildings include the agora (market), the 1,500 seat theatre and the stoa. You’ll even see ancient inscriptions (some of the earliest examples of the Greek alphabet) on some of the structures.

Archaeological site of Akrotiri: If you like your history even older than the ruins of Ancient Thira, then you’d be best advised to head here! This site contains some of the oldest finds excavated in Europe, including evidence of a drainage system, furniture, mosaics and structures dating as far back as 4,000 BC!

Activities on Kamari holidays

Open air cinema: A very special and memorable place to watch the latest films, holidays in Kamari will not be complete without a visit to the open air cinema. Set in a very pleasant, leafy outdoor terrace, you can sit in comfy seats under the warm evening air, enjoying Hollywood blockbusters in a large projector screen. There’s even a bar on site too! This is what relaxing on your holidays is all about!

Caldera volcano: This volatile (and active) volcano is what gave Santorini the unique topography it has today. The volcano first erupted around 1650 BC with one of the most dramatic explosions of ancient times. The island in the middle of the encircling island of Santorini was actually created due to the eruption. You can take a guided walk close to the crater where you’ll see smoke and fumes from the current volcanic activity. You can even visit the Hot Springs for a swim in sulphuric water during your Kamari holidays.

Diving holidays: With crystal clear waters and vibrant marine life, Kamari lends itself well to diving holidays. There are a number of excellent diving centres within Kamari, such as Aegean Divers, and they’ll happily take you on a tour of the surrounding sea for a reasonable fee.

Beaches on Kamari holidays

Kamari Beach: One of the longest beaches you’ll come across on holidays in Santorini, the coastline here is a distinctive tone of black, indicating Kamari’s proximity to volcanic activity. The beach here also provides the link to the area’s name, as Kamara translates as ‘arch’ in Greek. There is a small arch still standing from an ancient sanctuary located at the southern end of Kamari beach.

Perissa Beach: Another dark, dusky beach just 1km away from Kamari. In a similar way to Kamari Beach, Perissa Beach is made even more appealing by the beauty of its backdrop. As you relax and sunbathe on the beach during your holidays you’ll see a huge chalky white mountain dominating the skyline. The contrast between the black beach and white mountain is quite remarkable.

Red Beach: The quiet village of Akrotiri is around 11km away from Kamari (roughly a 20 minute drive) and it’s well worth travelling the distance on your holidays to visit this favoured beach. It’s much loved because the (admittedly pebbly) beach is backed by cliffs of the most stunning maroon red, with very unusual, angular rock formations.

Restaurants on Kamari holidays

Almira: Based right by the beach (and indeed with some outdoor tables right on the sand), Almira is in a lovely location. Luckily the food is just as enticing with many classic Greek dishes offered on the menu.

Liver Bird Cafe: If you fancy some home comfort cooking while you’re on your Kamari holidays you won’t go far wrong with this place. As you may have guessed from the name, the owners are from Liverpool and they serve a variety of tasty British favourites including a great cooked breakfast!

Restaurant Alexander: Another traditional taverna which offers very appealing Greek cuisine. Try lots of different specialities such as mousakka, chicken kebabs and thick, hearty beef stew.

Nightlife on Kamari holidays

Many vibrant bars: Whilst Santorini may have a reputation for being quiet and relaxed (barring the active volcano of course!) Kamari holidays are the most popular in Santorini, and as such Kamari has a good number of lively bars. Some of the best include Tempo, Groove Bar, Hook Bar, Prince Bar, Splash bar, and if all you’re after is a home-from-home experience on your Kamari holidays, head to Just 4 beer bar – it’s just like a British pub!

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