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Hurghada Overview

Great dives: The main attraction of holidays to Hurghada is the incredible variety of dives, all within close proximity to the centre of the resort. The dive site of Fanus has a very diverse array of aquatic life, and the area around the Giftun islands just out to sea is teaming with exotic marine creatures like manta rays, reef sharks and turtles.

Wild water sports: Much like the rest of the Egyptian coastline, Hurghada holidays 2019 have the perfect conditions for many water sports. It’s the combination of warm water all year round, plus strong winds and waves which attract windsurfers, kite surfers and sailors coming for holidays here in their droves.

Exciting nightlife: hurghada holidays are some of the best in Egypt when it comes to nightlife. Hurghada seems to attract all the big names in the clubbing world, so much so to the point that there is now a Hard Rock Cafe, a Ministry of Sound nightclub and a Hed Kandi beach bar.

Attractions in Hurghada

Mons Porphyrites: Around 20km north of Hurghada, you’ll reach this ancient Roman quarry. The Romans mined the area for porphyry, which is a very valuable rock that can be polished and used for decorative effect in grand buildings. The quarry was in operation for over 200 years from around 29AD, and you can still see evidence of the Romans’ activities today, most impressively in the fallen columns of the Serapis Temple. There are also sharpening rocks, wells and gates which are still there now.

Activities in Hurghada

Top dive sites: Did we mention the diving on Hurghada holidays? Seriously though, the dive sites here are very highly regarded, with colourful gardens of the sea dotted all the way around Hurghada and the Giftun islands directly to the east of the resort. We’d recommend Umm Gamar for beginners, as the entire area has a number of good dive spots. Plus the current is soft and you’ve got a great chance of catching a glimpse of angel fish, moray eels and Napoleon fish. The unusually named Careless Reef is also fantastic for its diversity, as lots of different schools of fish all seem to group here, as well as the larger creatures too. As you can imagine, reef sharks, hammerheads and giant morays make for very exciting dives on your holidays!

Windy water sports: As well as teeming with colourful corals and marine life beneath the surface, the Red Sea also seems to be a haven for strong winds. This, coupled with the fact that the mirror-like water keeps completely flat, makes perfect conditions for windsurfing holidays.

Quad biking: Beyond the mountain range, the Sahara Desert is just to the west of Hurghada. It’s easily accessible and as such there are many companies offering holiday excursions from Hurghada into the desert for a variety of activities. Most popular are the quad biking and 4x4 driving. The hilly sand dunes seem just made for thrashing around in these powerful machines! It’s certainly a completely different experience on your holidays, and you could even take a trip to visit the Bedouin camps in the desert.

Hurghada Marine Biology Museum: With all the colourful aquatic life waiting to be discovered in the Red Sea, it may seem a little unnecessary to have an aquarium in this marine biology museum. However, there are several advantages to viewing the fish here: firstly, it’s an easier, safer way for non-swimmers and young children to view exotic marine life whilst on holidays to Hurghada. And secondly, you don’t have to get wet! Expect to see clown fish, reef sharks, manta rays and more here, all within the safe confines of a glass tank. There’s a heavy emphasis on conservation too, with education on how best not to damage the beautiful coral reefs on diving holidays.

Hurghada National Museum: Egypt has one of the most impressive histories in the whole of the world, so it’s fitting that the Hurghada National Museum makes full recognition of this. Located on the edge of the Red Sea, Hurghada Museum has four huge exhibition halls featuring artefacts that are over 4,000 years old.

Beaches in Hurghada

Old Vic Village: Many of the beaches on Hurghada holidays are privately owned by the all inclusive hotels found in the area. However, there are still a good few beaches in Hurghada which are open to everyone. The Old Vic Village beach is in a sheltered bay, protected from strong winds by its headlands. The gentler waves here make it an ideal choice for children on family holidays too.

Hed Kandi Beach Bar: The newest beach in Hurghada, this one is owned exclusively by the trendy Hed Kandi brand. Expect the young, glamorous and beautiful to sunbathe here, and the entrance fee is worth it considering you get access to a heated swimming pool and a hot tub. That’s not forgetting the fact you get to listen to the funky house tunes that Hed Kandi is famous for!

Elysees Dream Beach: Although it’s part of the Elysees all inclusive hotel, this beach is actually open to everyone. It’s a really pleasant place to choose, as it’s rather secluded and quiet. Plus you can enjoy the beachfront restaurant nearby, which plays relaxing chill-out music all day.

Restaurants in Hurghada

Tokyo Joe’s Bar and Grill: The clue’s in the name, that this restaurant serves freshly prepared Japanese cuisine such as sushi and even Tepanyaki, where the food is cooked in front of you. However, you’ll be surprised to know they also offer a good selection of British home comfort food like roast with all the trimmings or just good old burger and chips!

Cafe del Mar: A delightful dining experience, partly for the fantastic food and partly for the inspirational art gallery which forms part of the restaurant. The menu includes light snacks as well as Scandinavian dishes as the owners are from Sweden. Try the meatballs – they’re a real taste sensation and rather different to many other dishes you’ll come across whilst on holidays to Hurghada.

Divino Restaurant: As you may have guessed, there’s a clear Italian influence in this highly regarded restaurant. On the menu, you’ll enjoy classic dishes such as beef Carpaccio and cheese-filled Ravioli.

Nightlife in Hurghada

Stylish bars and clubs: Hurghada holidays are some of the liveliest in Egypt, and certainly the most glamorous. The resort seems to have the ability to attract the biggest names in nightlife, maybe it’s the draw of the warm weather and golden beaches! Anyhow, there are some top brands here, including a Ministry of Sound beach club which draws in famous international DJs. There’s also the Hed Kandi beach bar, where the glitterati of Egypt come to dance to cool funky house tunes. There’s also a branch of the famous Little Budha bar brand from Paris here, and the classy oriental-inspired decor adds to the relaxed ambience of the place. It’s not all about sophistication on Hurghada holidays though, there are some clubs which operate a more easy-going policy like Havana, Rancho and Calypso.

Shopping in Hurghada

Big name brands: Hurghada holidays seem to have a strong focus on international brands, and this is no different in the variety of shops offered here. The Hurghada Marina Boulevard is the main place to head, with over 100 shops including Levi’s, Adidas and Timberland, as well as designer boutiques such as Gucci and Armani. With the favourable exchange rate on the Egyptian Pound, you may just be able to find yourself a great bargain on your holidays!

Bustling markets: Egyptians are big on their markets, where bartering is actually a necessity rather than a bonus. So it’s no surprise to find two huge markets in Hurghada – there’s the old bazaar where you can stock up on exotic spices, including (the normally very expensive) saffron and vanilla for very low prices. Plus, there’s the Abu Ashara market which sells everything from papyrus (decorative paper) to Shisha pipes, gold jewellery and perfumed oils.

Unique shops: Egyptian shops pile their stock high will all sorts of oddities, local items and bric-a-brac. A great example of this trend is the Hurghada Star, which sells an unusual assortment of leather goods, t-shirts and fridge magnets! It’s a slightly more easy-going atmosphere for holiday shopping too, as you don’t need to barter.

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