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Hammamet Overview

The original and best holidays: Hammamet holidays were the first holidays in Tunisia to open up to tourists in the 1960s, so they’ve had plenty of time to get things right! Today, you’ll find a unique contrast of Hammamet holidays, with some being exclusive tourist hotspots based around Hammamet all inclusive holidays and some retaining the traditional Tunisian roots of old.

Lots to attract you: Despite offering fully fledged tourist-focused holidays, Hammamet holidays also feature many major tourist attractions such as Roman ruins, a medieval Medina and a 12th century fortress.

Top beach resort: The glorious golden beaches on Hammamet holidays are a large part of what attracted tourists to have holidays here in the first place. They’re long, sandy stretches lined with palm trees which leads into the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Attractions in Hammamet

The Kasbah of Hammamet: This impressive 12th century fortress consists of terracotta coloured cobbled bricks and a huge tower which dominates the skyline. It makes for a beautiful sight on summer holidays in Hammamet, and you can actually walk inside it too and stop off at the pleasant cafe inside its walls.

Ruins of Pupput: With a settlement here in the 1st century BC, Pupput formed the base from which the entire town of Hammamet has grown. The Romans then colonised the area in the 2nd century, and the ruins here are evidence of their extended stay here.

Sebastian’s Villa: The renowned architect Frank Wright described this villa (owned by George Sebastian) as the most beautiful house he had ever seen. Inside there is a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by arched walkways, as well as a seated marble bath and a terrace which looks out on the verdant Tunisian countryside. Today, there are even cultural events and art exhibitions held here, which you might get the chance to see during your holidays in Hammamet.

Activities in Hammamet

Friguia Park: This large zoo has lots to recommend it, especially for fun family holidays. Not only are there many exotic animals like leopards, tigers, lions and dolphins, you’ll also be entertained by the singing and dancing shows held every day. Plus, you can photograph the big cats from an overhead walkway for some brilliant cage-free pictures to impress your friends when you’re back from your holidays.

Golf Citrus: This fantastic golf club is only a few minutes away from main bay on Hammamet holidays. It actually boasts two 18-hole golf courses, meaning it’s perfectly possible to have golfing holidays in Hammamet.

Aqua Flipper: This water park has all the slides and rides perfect for family holidays. But Aqua Flipper can also boast many thatched parasols and sun beds perfect for lazing in the midday sun. If you’d prefer to be more active and in the middle of things on your holidays, you’ll enjoy the high speed, colourful slides.

Beaches in Hammamet

Hammamet Beach: The beaches in Hammamet holidays are considered to be the best in all of Tunisia. Perhaps that’s why Hammamet holidays were the first to become popular in Tunisia! Along the lightly golden sand you’ll find plenty of places to stop off and sunbathe, as well as eat and drink. The beaches along this shoreline have a good selection of water sports too, with water-skiing, parasailing and jet-skiing all available. Some of the beaches are privately owned by the many hotels offering all inclusive holidays in Hammamet, but on the plus side it’s quite likely the hotel you choose will have its own beach!

Yasmine Hammamet Beach: Although technically the same stretch of coastline along the Gulf of Hammamet, we thought we’d mention the beaches in Yasmine Hammamet as it’s a fledgling separate resort offering great beach holidays in its own right. Spend some time on the soft golden beaches in Yasmine Hammamet and you also have the added bonus of being close to the modern marina and all its elegant shops, bars and cafes.

Restaurants in Hammamet

Time Out: This restaurant has a rather traditional exterior, with ferns and hanging baskets to its front and balconies above. Inside, it is rather plain and small, but believe us the food is anything but! There are such classic Tunisian delights on offer such as cous cous with chickpeas, lamb sausages and brik (fried egg coated in batter). Prices are great value too, making cheap holidays to Hammamet entirely possible if you choose to eat here.

Chez Achour: This eclectic restaurant has built up a respectable reputation for offering quality fish dishes. Inside, Chez Achour has a warm buzz about it, as tables are placed close together for a lively, friendly atmosphere.

Fatma: A friendly restaurant which offers a variety of dishes, everything from the local Tunisian cuisine such as harissa and spicy sausages, as well as classic dishes like pizzas and burgers for children on family holidays.

Nightlife in Hammamet

Charming nights: Tunisia is a Muslim country, so it’s to be expected that the nightlife on Hammamet holidays is a little less rowdy than holidays to Spain and Greece all inclusive holidays. However, there’s still more than enough to take your interest on holidays to Hammamet, especially in the Zone Touristique (tourist zone). Many of the bars and clubs in Hammamet are part of large hotels which offer all inclusive holidays like Sinbad’s and Calypso. But that’s not to say there aren’t any independent clubs and bars in Hammamet, with places such as El Pascha and Shakespeare also open until the early hours for partying on your holidays in Hammamet. The nights do start to quieten down after around 2am though, and many of the bars are based in Yasmine Hammamet, so you’d be best advised to head there if you fancy a lively evening during your holidays in Hammamet.

Shopping in Hammamet

Medina: Tunisians are quite big on their markets, and you’ll find this is no exception on Hammamet holidays. The Medina here dates back from the 15th century, and is an impressive enough structure in itself with its high cobbled walls and aged burnt orange coloured stone. Inside, you’ll come across stalls selling all sorts of unique items, everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to expertly produced perfumes, quality leathers, exotic spices and ceramic sets, all making great gifts to bring back from your holidays in Hammamet.

Handicrafts: Along the main street of town, near the Grand Mosque, you’ll notice there’s a grouping of workshops and craft ware retailers. They’re actually great places to pick up bargains on lots of different handicrafts including baskets, jewellery and wood carvings, ensuring cheap holidays to Hammamet stay super cheap!

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