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Fethiye Overview

Unspoilt beauty: With white-washed orange-top villas and miles of dense green scenery, Fethiye holidays have still retained much of their Turkish character. Those looking for an authentic experience will be in their element here.

Rich history: There’s been a settlement in Fethiye for over 3,000 years, dating back to the Lycian period. The whole area is steeped in history, and there’s still fascinating evidence of past civilisations in the Lycian Rock Tombs and Roman ruins.

Beaches close by: There are no beaches actually within the resort, but Calis Beach is only a couple of miles away, and who could forget Olu Deniz? It’s only a few more miles further and is considered to be one of the best holiday spots in the Mediterranean.

Quality markets and shops: Fethiye bucks the trend for Turkey holidays by offering designer and branded shops. You can still enjoy pretty decent bargains as well, especially as the exchange rate for the Turkish lira offers better value than the Euro.

Attractions in Fethiye

Lycian Rock Tombs: These amazing structures are literally carved out of the mountainside. You can’t actually go inside, but the elaborate columns and intricate stonework is a sight to behold. They date back to the 4th century BC and were created as tombs for Lycian kings.

Telmessos Theatre: It’s fair to say that this ancient Roman theatre has seen better days, but it’s still an interesting archaeological site. Built in the second century, it has only been partly excavated and restored, so maybe they’ll be more to see soon.

Fethiye Archaeological Museum: This little museum is quite the hidden gem. Inside, there are ancient coins, statues and vases that have been found in the Fethiye area, largely through excavations. The most significant artefact is a column named the ‘Trilingual Stele’ which was invaluable for deciphering the Lycian language.

Fethiye Amphitheatre: Not to be confused with the Telmessos Theatre, this ancient Roman amphitheatre in the centre of Fethiye is still surprisingly intact. Standing in the middle, you can see the imposing sight of rows of seats reaching up high into the overgrown bushes.

Kayakoy: Just a short drive from Fethiye, over 2,000 Greeks lived in this village until 1923 when they were forced to move due to the Greco-Turkish War. The ruins of churches and houses stand as an eerie monument to the event and UNESCO have even claimed the town as a World Friendship and Peace Village.

Activities in Fethiye

Baba Mountains: Although Fethiye holidays 2019 are based around the coast, go a little further inland and you’ll literally be travelling towards the skies. The Baba Mountains lead onto the famous Lycian Way, a 300-mile trail which has been named as one of the world’s top ten walks. Paragliders also like to use the mountains as a jumping point (literally) for gliding down towards Olu Deniz.

Diving delights: The region of Fethiye is renowned for its excellent diving spots. Crystal clear water ensures you’ll get a great view of the exotic tropical fish, and there are many shipwrecks and caves to have a nosey around too.

Beaches in Fethiye

Calis Beach: The most conveniently placed of the beaches in Fethiye, this wide expanse of golden sand looks even better at dusk, when the orange sunset melts into the sea.

Olu Deniz: Certainly one of the most loved beaches of all holidays to Turkey, you’ll be guaranteed some great photos to bring back home here. This thin coast of soft white sand curves towards a sheltered lagoon of bright blue.

Butterfly Valley: A rival to the beauty of Olu Deniz, this glorious beach is only accessible by boat. Huge rocky mountains loom over the velvety soft sand that leads into bright shades of blue.

Restaurants in Fethiye

Levissi Garden: This rustic restaurant situated near the ghost town of Karakoy offers an intriguing fusion of Turkish and Greek cuisine. Super-fresh sea bream baked in salt is a signature dish, and their melt-in-the-mouth lamb and steaks aren’t bad either!

Mozaic Bahce: The menu here mainly focuses on two Turkish classics – mezes and kebabs. And you can guarantee that every time they’ll be cooked to perfection. The skewered meat is marinated with local Turkish spices then heated over a grill, giving it a wonderfully charred flavour and a soft juicy texture.

Cafe Blue: A great place to catch a traditional Turkish coffee – served strong, hot and sweet. You can also get some temptingly naughty cakes, like chocolate mud cake made with thick, sticky icing.

Nightlife in Fethiye

Variety of bars: You’d be surprised by the number of different bars in Fethiye. There’s literally a bar out there for all types of holidays! The modern, sleek surroundings and chilled-out atmosphere make Sobe a popular nightspot, and then there’s Car Cemetery Bar with quirky decor and lively, loud music. The open-air disco Yes! also pulls in the party-going crowd for a night of dancing to classic British tunes.

Shopping in Fethiye

Tuesday market: There’s a great selection of authentic Turkish food at this weekly market in the centre of Fethiye. Locals do their shopping here too, for fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, so you know it must be good! There’s also a good chance you’ll pick up a bargain from the many clothes stalls.

Quality shopping: The shops in Fethiye are generally of a higher standard than other holiday resorts in Turkey. So that means you can expect to find designer clothes and branded items alongside your usual souvenirs and craftwork.

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