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Faliraki Overview

Clubbing holidays: Faliraki holidays 2019 offer some of the best holidays in the Mediterranean for nightlife. Then even rival holidays in Ayia Napa for clubs which play UK garage, house, grime, R ‘n’ B and hip-hop. But music wise, there’s actually something for everyone on Faliraki holidays, with a wide array of loud and lively bars along the main street all looking to tempt you in with amazingly cheap drinks offers – perfect for cheap holidays in Faliraki!

Beach holidays: The beach on Faliraki holidays is a real treat – over 5km of soft golden sand over a wide, flat expanse. There are two other beaches near to Faliraki too, including the calmer but just as beautiful Kathara Bay, and the inviting Lakido Bay with its rocky headlands and surrounding tree-lined mountains.

Action-packed holidays: Faliraki actually offers so much more than just clubbing holidays. With ancient ruins, a water park and a go-kart track all nearby, you’ll never be bored when you have your holidays in Faliraki.

Attractions in Faliraki

Erimokastro: Literally translated from Greek as ‘deserted castle’, the ruins of this fortress are over 3000 years old, so they can be forgiven for being reduced to rubble today! The entrance is still rather well preserved though, and Erimokastro is only around 2km from Faliraki holidays, close to Ladiko Beach, meaning it’s quite easy to travel there during your holidays.

Sarantaphilos: Near Kalithies Village around 3km away from Faliraki holidays, Sarantaphilos is another archaeological site of historical importance. Again, it’s incredibly old and dates back to the Minoan period of around 1500BC. The Minoans are native to Crete, but eventually travelled to surrounding islands including Rhodes, where they created expansive settlements such as the Acropolis in the area of Kalithies and Faliraki.

Kalamonas Cave: This enchanting cave has beautiful stalactites formed over thousands of years, making a majestic sight on your holidays in Faliraki. But most impressively of all, the cave is also the place where archaeologists found the world’s oldest Neolithic human remains, dating back to 5000BC.

Activities in Faliraki

The Water Park: The largest of its kind in Europe, The Water Park is the top attraction on Faliraki holidays. There are over 20 rides, slides and play areas, including exciting chutes like Kamikaze and Free Fall, as well as more sedate attractions like Lazy River for children on family holidays. In fact, the park is so well-equipped it even has five snack bars and a souvenir shop!

Faliraki Go Karts: This exciting go kart track is in a great location, right in the centre of Faliraki. The karts are fully automatic so even children as young as eight are allowed to ride them during family holidays here. If there’s a group of you going to Faliraki, the Go Karts track makes for a fun few hours.

Faliraki Snake Farm: A captivating visit whilst on your holidays here, Faliraki Snake Farm features a wide range of exotic snakes, luckily kept at a safe distance! Expect to see all kinds of snake from huge boa constrictors to little milk snakes and venomous cobras and rattlesnakes.

Beaches in Faliraki

Faliraki Beach: Often considered one of the best beaches on holidays in Rhodes, extensive efforts are made to ensure this beach is clean, safe and well facilitated. Plus, with over 4km of soft golden sand and calm crystalline waters, it’s not surprising this beach has been awarded a prestigious Blue Flag. As the beach gets popular in the summer months it’s also supported with sun beds, parasols, showers, toilets and a fantastic array of water sports out to sea.

Kathara Bay: This pleasant little cove is located right next to Faliraki Beach, so luckily it has the same light golden soft sand. The beach is lined with trees and shrubs, whilst there are huge mountains in the distance creating an impressive backdrop for sunbathing during your holidays. One big attraction of Kathara Bay is that it’s a lot quieter than Faliraki Beach, with far less noisy beach bars or water sports.

Ladiko Bay: One of the most peaceful and beautiful beaches on Rhodes holidays, Ladiko Bay is surrounded by pine-covered rocky mountains. Around 3km from Faliraki, it’s certainly worth travelling the distance to reach here. The soft white sand and glistening sapphire waters all add up to a serene sunbathing experience during your holidays in Faliraki.

Restaurants in Faliraki

Porto Bello: This classic Italian restaurant cooks pizzas the way they should be cooked – in a traditional wood-fired oven. It gives the pizzas a delicious stone baked flavour and a crisp texture. There’s plenty of choice in the toppings too, with everything from the much-loved pepperoni to Hawaiian ham & pineapple.

The Desert Rose: Based on the main street on Faliraki holidays, this popular restaurant is in a very convenient location. The menu largely offers classic Greek cuisine such as mousakka (a lasagne style dish made with minced lamb), tsatziki (a creamy and garlicky dip) and stifado (a thick hearty stew).

Golden Wok: Faliraki holidays attract a large number of young holidaymakers in the summer, and it’s clear what they want – takeaway food! That’s why in Faliraki holidays you’ll find there are all sorts of fast food joints, including well known ones like McDonalds and KFC. However, if you fancy a tasty takeaway we’d really recommend the Golden Wok, as it serves a wide variety of Chinese food, everything from spring rolls to chicken chop suey and beef curry.

Nightlife in Faliraki

Lively holidays: As we mentioned earlier, holidays in Faliraki now boast some of the Mediterranean’s premier nightspots. There’s a real eclectic mix of bars too, with some places playing bass heavy R ‘n’ B and others opting for pop classics or pumping house. A great place to begin your night out is on the suitably named Bar Street. It’s here you’ll come across the majority of lively bars including Posers, Vibes and Bondi and all have great ways of enticing you in with cheap drinks deals, which is great if you’re on a budget on cheap holidays in Faliraki. And special mention must go to Ziggy’s, after all it’s here that the famous Faliraki Fishbowl was created – a huge glass bowl filled to the brim with exotic cocktails. And if you’ve been on clubbing holidays before in the Mediterranean, you’ll know it’s a drink that’s caught on in lots of other resorts!

Loud clubs: Alongside all the excitement of the establishments on Bar Street, you’ll also notice there are several huge, modern clubs on Faliraki holidays playing loud music until the early hours. Frequency should be one of the first on your list to visit, as it’s this club that helped build the reputation of Faliraki holidays as a top choice for UK garage. Q Club is also pretty popular, thanks to its blend of sexy R ‘n’ B and chart classics. And head to Bed Club if you want to hear urban sounds from some big name DJs.

Shopping in Faliraki

Souvenirs and handicrafts: Faliraki holidays actually offer a surprisingly varied and vibrant shopping experience. Within Faliraki itself, the main area for shopping is at the square. It’s here you’ll come across tourist focused shops selling beachwear, novelty items and postcards. However, travel a little further out from Faliraki holidays, 2km to Kalithies Village to be exact, and you’ll discover a wide range of unique handicraft shops, clothing stores and in particular great value leather shops.

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