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Dubrovnik’s most recent claim to fame is that it was the setting for part of the popular television series Game of Thrones. It’s unique architecture with interesting mix of colours including the orange rooftops of many of the buildings are what make Dubrovnik so visually interesting. Within, you will find a selection of fascinating museums, where you can begin a journey of discovery focusing on everything from natural history to maritime history and more.

The Old Town is the most popular spot for tourists and rightly so, as it boasts the best selection of shops in the city including some modern shopping centres, a fabulous selection of restaurants and many narrow cobbled streets that seem like a beautifully designed urban maze.

Enjoy some time on the beaches, take in the amazing views from the cable car, experience some of the amazing festivals and don’t forget about the incredible nightlife the city has to offer. It’s the perfect place for all kinds of holidays whether you’re planning one with friends, by yourself or with the whole family.
Old Town
When you venture into Old Town, you will be greeted with numerous historic attractions that offer their own unique story about the history of Dubrovnik. One of the most impressive examples of historic architecture is the Sponza Palace, a beautifully designed gothic renaissance style palace built in the 16th century. The Roland’s Column monument is well worth a look during your visit and portrays the famous knight Roland holding his sword proudly. Pile Gate marks the entrance to Old Town and is a sight within itself. Take a look at the imposing towers and move on to see everything else the Old Town is home to.

Museums Dubrovnik is home to an impressive number of quality museums that will give you an insight into the city’s past. The Dubrovnik Natural History Museum is sure to get your attention with its many exhibits featuring specimens of numerous sea creatures caught in the area. The Homeland War Museum focuses on the Croatian war for independence and the Maritime Museum outlining the history of the countries seaborne trade. The other museums in the city include the Ethnographic Museum, Rector’s Palace and Ronald Brown Memorial House.

The churches definitely deserve a mention, as they boast some of the most impressive architecture in Dubrovnik. Towards the southern part of Old Town is the Church of St Ignatius, which has a beautifully designed interior that you really must get a photo of. Nearby is the Church of St Sebastian, the Church of St Blaise and Dubrovnik Cathedral, which is a most impressive structure.
Boat Trips & Sailing
The city is the ideal place for boat trips and chartering yachts thanks to its great location. From here you can charter yachts to the nearby islands. If you don’t fancy venturing too far, simply enjoy a short boat trip to Lokrum Island, which offers some lovely natural sites and a rocky beach.

Cable Car Taking a ride on the cable car is a great way to enjoy some of the best views available on Dubrovnik holidays. You will be taken over Old Town giving you outstanding panoramic views, helping you get an idea of where you would like to visit next in the city. At the top you will find the Restaurant Panorama, which offers an excellent menu and as the name would suggest even more chances for you to enjoy the panoramic views.

Like all great cities, Dubrovnik hosts some fantastic festivals throughout the year, giving you the chance to enjoy at least one of them no matter when you decide to visit. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is perfect for summer holidays, as it includes many concerts around the city, as well as live shows such as plays. There is also the Dubrovnik International Film festival for film buffs and the Feast of St Blaise, which offers dancing and colourful outfits.

Swimming & Cliff Jumping
Although there are many more cliffs than beaches along the coast, you will still have easy access to the water, with ladders in some places allowing you to climb down safely. Cliff jumping is also very popular here but it’s important to remember this can be very dangerous if you’re not sure how deep the water is, so be extremely cautious and maybe stick to taking the ladders down!
Banje Beach
If you’re not used to the climate in Dubrovnik, you may find yourself getting overheated especially in the summer months, so a trip to the beach may come as a welcomed relief. Although there are pebbles in the place of sand, you will still find it easy to relax here, as the pebbles are fairly small, allowing your body to mold a place perfectly as you lay. If you really need to cool off, wade into the water and enjoy a cooling dip under the sun. Part of the beach is open to the public without charge but there is also a private section that requires an entry fee.

Lapad Beaches Just over three kilometres from Old Town is where you will find the Lapad area, which is home to a selection of beautiful beaches. Uvala Lapad is perfect if you’re looking for soft sand to relax on instead of pebbles. It’s surprisingly spacious and offers quick access to restaurants and cafes nearby. There are other beaches here also for you to try out with some made from concrete allowing you to avoid the hassle of pebbles and sand getting everywhere.

Lokrum Island This pretty little island is accessible from the mainland via ferry for a small fee. You will be able to get to it within approximately 10 minutes and once you’re here there will be plenty to see including some great bathing spots. Sponge matts are available to buy and they are needed, as the beaches are mainly rock, which can get a little uncomfortable. It’s popular for its nudist beach, which is perfect if you want to get rid of tan lines.
Enjoy a superb variety of food at the numerous restaurants in this amazing city. The Old Town is where you will find a large selection of different restaurants offering fresh dishes focusing on locally caught seafood and also a good selection of meat dishes. Restaurants are located all over the city with many down the narrow streets near the centre of town, where you can enjoy candle lit outdoor dining in the evening.

There are plenty of places to grab a quick snack during the day and if you want to experience some truly delicious pizza, visit one of the pizzerias including the Oliva Pizzeria. For evening dining why not try the Nautika Restaurant, which serves a selection of seafood dishes and more with beautiful views of the sea and imposing fortresses. In the heart of the Old Town is where you will find the Klarisa Restaurant, which offers luxurious indoor and outdoor seating with menu options including classic Mediterranean delicacies, snacks and even sushi!
When it comes to nightlife you won’t be short of places to party or sit in peace and socialise with your favourite drink in hand. There are plenty of bars, numerous pubs and a selection of clubs with varied themes and atmospheres.

If you’re planning to party the night away then you’ll want to try out some of the clubs the city has to offer. As soon as the sun goes down you will notice how the main street comes alive with people looking for a good time. Club Lazareti is easy to reach from all parts of the city and offers some great shows including live music. Inside Revelin Fort near the water is where you will find Culture Club Revelin, another awesome club with excellent music and a lively atmosphere.

There are even more excellent clubs and many, many bars and pubs to spend some time in. You are sure to find your favourite beverage whether it’s a sweet rose, chilled lager, real ale, sharp spirit or maybe something for the designated driver. Many stay open late into the night and early morning, so you won’t need to make your way home anytime soon after starting. If you like jazz, head over to the Trubadur Hard Jazz Café and enjoy a superb jazz performance. Galerie is a great place for cocktails and Skybar is one of the most stylish places to socialise in the city.
With any large city comes many, many shops, so get your credit cards ready for a well deserved shopping spree! Alternatively, take a walk and enjoy some window-shopping. Either way, you are sure to see some lovely items up for sale.

The number one spot for shopping enthusiasts is the Old Town, as this is where the majority of the shops are located. If you want modern selection head to the Downtown shopping centre, which houses a superb selection of shops selling a wide range of goods. There is also the DOC shopping centre, Mercante shopping centre and a number of outdoor markets including Lapad Market just behind the DOC and Gruz Market, both selling fresh produce with fresh fish at Gruz.

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