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Djerba Overview

Peaceful holidays: Located just off the southern coast of Tunisia, next to the Gulf of Gabes, Djerba holidays are incredibly peaceful and offer a change of pace to the bustling northern resorts. Djerba is often considered one of the most idyllic islands in the Mediterranean thanks to the thousands of palm trees, gorgeous white beaches, and quiet, unspoilt atmosphere on holidays here.

Charming villages: Djerba has a number of quaint little whitewashed villages which make for a wonderful stroll on your holidays. Houmt Souk in particular has a charm all of its own with many traditionally designed houses and old mosques. And although slightly smaller, the villages of Guellala and Midoun are just as pretty in their own right.

Beautiful scenery: Djerba holidays have also been blessed with natural beauty, which is clear to see in the thousands of palm trees, white beaches and stunning desert landscapes. In fact, the area of Matmata even caught the eye of George Lucas, as scenes from the first Star Wars movie were filmed there.

Attractions in Djerba

Borg el-Kebir: This impressive fortress was built in 1289, and has since undergone many renovations and changes of occupation. There’s actually been a settlement on this area as a military strategic defence since Roman times, but control of the fort has also changed from Sicily to the Spanish, and then finally to the Ottomans who spent much time rebuilding it in their typical cobbled sandstone style. It’s well worth a look during your holidays to Djerba.

Sidi Zitoun Mausoleum: This impressive structure dedicated to Sidi Zitoun is awash with classic Islamic imagery like intricate geometric patterns and clean straight lines. It’s well worth the short trip from the main town of Houmt Souk to get a real flavour of the diversity of sights on holidays to Djerba.

Djerba Synagogue: Djerba holidays has a large Jewish population which makes it culturally much more diverse than the holidays in the north of Tunisia. Certainly, this is most clear in this elaborately designed synagogue. It actually looks like a rather plain white building from the exterior, but step inside and you’ll be transported to another world. The interior of this synagogue is said to be one of the most beautiful in Europe and with vibrant blue pillars and arches, colourful intricate patterns and fancy chandeliers it’s easy to see why. It’s a real sight for sore eyes, and dramatically different to almost anything else you’ll see on holidays to Tunisia.

Activities in Djerba

The Farm of Crocodiles: Close to Midoun, this zoo is an exciting attraction for children and a fun day out for family holidays too. The Farm of Crocodiles features hundreds of Nile Crocodiles (one of the largest species of crocodile).

Museum of Guella: This small museum has a variety of different exhibitions focusing on the Tunisian culture and lifestyle. Inside, you’ll see traditional Tunisian dress, as well as old pottery and ceramic designs, statues and calligraphy. The charming little cafe and small art gallery connected to the museum are also worthy of a visit during your holidays here too.

The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions: In a rather similar fashion to the Museum of Guella, this museum based in Houmt Souk focuses on the arts of traditions of Tunisia. Some of the exhibits even detail little elements of past local life such as tools used for fishing and agriculture.

Beaches in Djerba

Beach of 5,000 years: Many of the beaches in Djerba holidays are privately owned by the all inclusive hotels which dot the coastline. But that shouldn’t be a problem at all, seeing as if you’re on all inclusive holidays here it’s likely the hotel you’re staying at will have its own beach! If you do fancy a change of scenery though, or if you’re not on all inclusive holidays, you won’t go far wrong if you travel to the beach of 5,000 years. This wonderfully named shore in Djerba consists of super-soft lightly coloured sand leading into the peaceful blue waves of the Mediterranean.

Municipal Beach: Around 10km from the main town of Houmt Souk, you may choose to travel to this beach if you find your all inclusive hotel a little hectic. Many of the privately owned all inclusive hotel beaches have lots of water sports going on all day, which is fine if that’s what you like on your holidays! However, some of us prefer a little more peace and quiet on our holidays, and you’ll certainly find a tranquil spot on the cotton coloured sands of this beach.

Restaurants in Djerba

Ristorante Haroun: This fancy restaurant in Djerba is actually set within an entire docked ship! And the interior is just as glamorous, with pristine white tables and marine memorabilia. Of course, being set on a ship the restaurant has something of a reputation of being a fish specialist, and it’s a great place to go to try locally caught fish whilst on your holidays in Djerba.

Les Delices de Djerba: This informal little restaurant is quite a contrast to the stylish, elaborate nature of Haroun. It’s great to stop off for a quick bite to eat during your holidays in Djerba though, especially for lunch, as all the classic western favourites are on offer here like pizza, pasta and hot sandwiches. They’re pretty cheap too, making the ideal compliment to cheap holidays in Djerba.

La Cote de Boeuf: Another French named and French themed restaurant in Djerba. The French language is actually just as commonly heard as Arabic on holidays in Djerba, so it’s no surprise that there are so many restaurants serving French cuisine here. The service here is very fast yet friendly, and you can expect delicious dishes like rosemary and salt roasted lamb or the Tunisan classic Bric (consisting of fried egg coated in crispy batter).

Nightlife in Djerba

Hotel holidays: Much like many other holidays in Tunisia, Djerba holidays do not have much of a focus on lively nightlife. Being a predominantly Muslim country, many of the local people prefer not to serve alcohol in their restaurants and cafes. That shouldn’t be a problem if you like a bit of entertainment in your evenings though, as the all inclusive hotels often put on their own shows, and you can also drink to your heart’s content in any of these too!

Houmt Souk Amphitheatre: Aside from nights spent drinking in all inclusive hotels, if you fancy a change of scenery you could always head to the Houmt Souk Amphitheatre. Built in the style of the Greek and Roman amphitheatres of old, there are often many open-air concerts held here during the summer holidays.

Shopping in Djerba

Houmt Souk shopping: If you’re into shopping on your holidays, Houmt Souk is your best bet. The largest town in Djerba holidays is also home to the largest market, selling all sorts of unique and original items ranging from fragrant perfumes to elaborately designed metallic ornaments. It also makes for a pleasant place to stroll around during your holidays in Djerba, as the shops and stalls are dotted with outdoor cafes offering freshly made chapattis and spicy lamb sausages.

Unique handicrafts: Guellala is another great place to go shopping during Djerba holidays, especially for arts and crafts. There are some fantastic pottery shops here which are literally overflowing with colourful jugs and beautifully designed plates. You can also see the crafts in action, with women weaving patterned rugs before your eyes. In fact, the towns are a real hive of activity which add to the exotic Eastern-inspired atmosphere of Djerba holidays as a whole.

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