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Dalyan, Turkey

All inclusive holidays to Dalyan

Dalyan Overview

Close to the airport: Transfer times are super short from Dalaman airport – 30 minutes or less. So if you want to be at your resort quick as you can, holidays to Dalyan might be perfect for you.

Traditional Turkey: Dalyan town itself is nestled a little inland, and as such is more untouched by tourism. Verdant green forests, dramatic cliff faces and prestigious historic sites make for authentic Turkish holidays. And as many areas are only accessible by boat, much of the breath-taking scenery is completely unspoilt.

Beach holidays: There are two beautiful beaches in Dalyan, including the nationally protected Istuzu beach. It hit the headlines back in the eighties when David Bellamy called for it to become a conservation area due to the rare turtles that nest there.

Attractions in Dalyan

Kaunos: The remains of the ancient city of Kaunos can be found just outside Dalyan. Although not perfectly preserved, there are quite a few ruins to see including several half-standing temples, a small theatre and a huge amphitheatre. It’s a remarkable place to visit during holidays to Dalyan, if just for the fact that this site has been around for over 5,000 years. As the hot sun beats down on the parched stones, surrounded by mountains looming large, you can almost imagine what life was like back then.

Dalyan Rock Tombs: In connection to Kaunos, the Dalyan Rock Tombs were created as burial temples for the city’s kings and they’re truly an amazing sight. These intricately designed structures carved out of the rock face itself are a must-see on holidays here, but as they overlook the water’s edge you’ll need to book yourself a boat trip to get there.

Activities in Dalyan

Dalyan Mud Baths: Dalyan offers so much more than traditional beach holidays, but having said that, it also has a great place to top up your tan! Visit the Dalyan Mud Baths and prepare to get dirty! The mineral-rich mud is said to cleanse your skin and help prepare it for a deep, even bronzing in the sun. It’s best to bring your oldest clothes as things can get rather messy!

Thermal pools: On a similar note, there are also several thermal springs in the area. Take a dip and the whirpool-warm water will soothe your muscles and calm your mind. What a great way to relax after a hard-day’s sunbathing!

Beaches in Dalyan

Dalyan Beach: There are two beaches close to Dalyan, and they’re both stunning. Dalyan beach is a long and wide white sandy stretch which leads into the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. You can also enjoy the astounding backdrop of tree-peaked mountains while you sunbathe.

Istuzu Beach: The other beach near to Dalyan is a Turkish national treasure. Istuzu Beach is a nesting ground for endangered loggerhead turtles, but you can still visit it except for a few days in June. It’s unlikely you’ll actually see any turtles, but it’s still well worth the visit on your holidays here to appreciate the cotton-soft fine sand surrounded by emerald sea on all sides.

Restaurants in Dalyan

Chef: Dalyan holidays offer a diverse range of restaurants featuring everything from classic dishes like steak and chips to more traditional Turkish offerings. Fancy a suggestion? How about Chef? Yes, that’s the actual name! This unusually named restaurant receives rave reviews for its mix of food on the menu and the attentive service at the tables. The fish and flatbreads come highly recommended.

Ramazan Han: Aside from that, we’d also make a special mention of Ramazan Han. They serve simple home-comfort food like lamb chops and chicken in mushroom sauce all cooked to perfection.

Kosk: This small family-run restaurant in the centre of Dalyan really knows how to cook meat! Their mixed kebabs are a house delicacy, offering juicy chunks of seasoned lamb, beef and chicken all on the same plate. Their vegetables come fresh from their very own garden too.

Nightlife in Dalyan

Riverside bars: There are a number of bars in Dalyan, many of which boast fantastic views of the natural scenery along the riverside. The most famous place to drink would have to be the Jazz Bar. It’s been here for over 18 years, playing smooth music and serving vibrantly colourful cocktails. By and large, Dalyan holidays offer a more traditional Turkish experience when it comes to the nightlife. But that’s by no means a bad thing!

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