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Corfu Town Overview

Sightseeing holidays: Corfu Town (also known as Kerkyra) is the capital city of Corfu, and as such most of the activity and construction on Corfu has been focused here since the 8th century. In fact, Corfu Town is now often called ‘Kastropolis’ (translated as ‘castle city’) and is known for its two castles, as well as its palaces, parks and churches.

Activity-packed holidays: As well as being able to visit the fortresses, citadels and other majestic buildings during your holidays in Corfu Town, you can also visit several fascinating museums and galleries, offering a full range of cultural experiences.

Attractions in Corfu Town

Palaio Frourio: The Palaio Frourio (or ‘old fort’ in English) stands proudly in a prominent position on the east side of Corfu Town. Lying atop a rocky island just out to sea, there have been settlements here for as long ago as the 6th century.

Church of St Jason and Sosipatros: This wonderful Byzantine church has been built with ornate roof trims and leaded windows. And the interior is a glittering feast for the eyes of gilded paintings, ornaments and icons. It’s amazing how pristine the condition of this church is, considering it’s over 1000 years old!

Church of Saint Spyridon: One of the most ornate churches in the area, the Church of Agios Spyridon features golden relics, marble statues and most impressively of all, an elaborate bell tower. It’s the highest in town and dominates the skyline, making it an unmissable landmark on holidays in Corfu Town.

Activities in Corfu Town

Corfu Shell Museum: This quirky, unusual museum has displays ranging far wider than just beautiful shells. The museum is a labour of love by one man, Napoleon Sagias. After twenty years of diving, he has amassed an amazing collection of shells, sponges, fossils, fish and shark teeth, which you can see spread out impressively in clean, modern exhibitions. It makes for a unique visit during your holidays in Corfu Town.

Archaeological Museum of Corfu: The major archaeological museum of Corfu, you’ll have the opportunity to see a number of impressive artefacts during your holidays here, most of them found in Corfu itself. Look out for exhibits such as the Gorgon Pediment, which is the oldest stone pediment found in Greece, as well as the Lion of Menecrates, a famous stone sculpture which dates back to the 7th century BC.

Municipal Gallery of Corfu: This mesmerising art gallery is in a wonderful location, within the grand palace of St Michael and St George. The gallery itself houses several notable works, including pieces by Samartzis and Aglaia Papa. The regal palace of St Michael and St George also features the Museum of Asian Art, which has collections of Japanese printed pictures, Chinese ceramics and Indian sculptures.

Beaches in Corfu Town

Mon Repos Beach: Just 1km from holidays in Corfu Town, Mon Repos beach is a sandy haven if you want to take a break from the cosmopolitan streets of Kerkya. This golden stretch is rather small, but it’s still the perfect place for a spot of sunbathing during your holidays in Corfu Town.

Restaurants in Corfu Town

Rex: This charming restaurant has been designed to fit beautifully with the Venetian styling of Corfu Town holidays. As you enter you’ll note the lantern lights, cream coloured walls and softly lit wooden interior. It’s also a great place to try authentic Greek food such as creamy tzatziki, chicken shish kebab and grilled octopus.

La Cucina: This classy Italian restaurant offers meals made with indulgent ingredients. Specifically, we’re thinking of exciting dishes such as king crabs, Aberdeen Angus steaks and mussels in white wine. It all adds up to a luxurious dining experience to enjoy on your holidays in Corfu Town.

Piperitsa: Corfu has been heavily influenced by the cuisine of Italy, and you’ll certainly notice this in Piperitsa. The menu is an eclectic mix of Italian favourites and Greek delicacies, but perhaps even more enticing is the courtyard terrace, surrounded by draping vines and flowers. It’s a very pleasant way to dine during your holidays in Corfu Town.

Nightlife in Corfu Town

Cosmopolitan bars: Being the largest city on the island, Corfu Town holidays have a great selection of sophisticated bars and traditional tavernas. It’s possible to find a more sedate and cultured experience for evenings out than those you’ll come across on holidays in Kavos and Sidari. Places such as Stablus are a perfect example. This intriguing bar has a real deep history, with the building being originally created in 1725 for the Venetian military.

Lively holidays: Whilst it’s perfectly possible to have relaxed evenings out during holidays in Corfu Town, the city has also managed to retain some of the raucous atmosphere of Corfu’s popular coastal resorts. Bars such as Cheers and Eden serve a variety of cheap drinks including the great value cocktail bowls that British holidaymakers have come to know and love! Generally, if you’re looking for a lively night out during your holidays in Corfu Town, just head to Spianda Square as it’s here that you’ll find the most pubs, bars and restaurants.

Shopping in Corfu Town

Original shops: Corfu Town holidays has the widest selection of independent shops in Corfu. That means you’ll have a good chance of finding lots of unique items to bring back home with you from holidays in Corfu Town. Specifically, we’re thinking of shops such as the Patounis Soap Factory, Nikos Jewellers and the Olive Wood Shop. Corfu Town holidays also offer some fantastically vibrant produce, with Corfu being the only island in Greece which cultivates kumquats (you can even buy kumquat liqueurs!). Also look out for the locally produced olive oil and the many bakery shops selling fresh pastries and cakes.

Shopping holidays: Alongside the original Greek shops, you’ll also come across some famous UK brands, there’s even a Marks & Spencer here! When it comes to shopping during holidays in Corfu Town, there’s a whole host streets to wander around. First up there’s Spianada Square (which is also known for its nightlife), then there’s the trendy streets of Campiello, Voulgareos and Theotoki which have classy boutiques and jewellers. For the more tourist focused shops and UK labels, head to Paleologou Street and City Hall Square.

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