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With scenic bays, lush gardens, awe-inspiring caves, unique historic sites, many hiking trails and superb restaurants, the island of Capri will surely impress, allowing you to experience one of the best Italy holidays you’ve ever had.

There are some lovely beaches around the coast located within small bays. Many of these are owned by private beach clubs, so expect a small charge to gain access but there are also some free ones for you to take advantage of. The water is beautifully clear and also warm during the summer, so why not take a dip and see if you can swim to the rocks of Faraglioni.

Villa Jovis is an impressive ruin of a Roman palace that sits high above the sea. It’s the perfect place to walk to if you want to see the island on foot but if you fancy seeing the sights from the sky, you should take a ride on the local cable car. If you want to see it all from the sea hire a boat and don’t forget to visit the Blue Grotto cave.

With average high temperature of around 28 degrees during the summer, the weather won’t disappoint. The Mediterranean climate will keep you comfortably warm throughout your stay and even if you visit during winter, the weather will remain surprisingly mild.
Blue Grotto
This natural wonder is a large sea cave with a single entrance that’s only accessible by boat. It gets its name from the light blue glow of the water, which is caused by sunlight entering through a space between the rocks and shining through the water within. The glow is more than enough to illuminate the cave, allowing you to see the rugged walls and the light colour of the sand below. It’s perfect for a midday excursion and offers you many photo opportunities.

Villa San Michele
For some of the best scenic views on the island, visit Villa San Michele, a stunning villa built by Axel Munthe, a Swedish author and physician. The views can be enjoyed from the beautiful gardens and because it’s located on the islands east coast, you will also get a stunning view across the Bay of Naples where you will sea Mount Vesuvius standing proudly on the mainland.

Villa Jovis
One of the most impressive Roman ruins is what remains of Villa Jovis, which was once a huge palace built for emperor Tiberius. It can be found towards the northeast of Capri, on the islands second highest peak, offering excellent views across the water. As you walk around the ruins, you will get a good idea of just how colossal it was in its day.

The name Faraglioni is given to three large rock formations that rise out of the Tyrrhenian Sea just a short distance from the islands coast. Individually named Scopolo, Faraglione di Mezzo and Stella, these rocks have become a symbol of the island, being recognised by many who enjoy the natural sights of Capri. You can get excellent views of them from numerous vantage points, giving you more photo opportunities.

Gardens of Augustus
If you can’t get enough of Capri’s natural sights then a trip to the Gardens of Augustus is definitely in order. These stunning gardens are filled with lush greenery and kept in pristine condition. The paths will lead you around the gardens to a spot where you will be able to get superb views of Faraglioni.
Boat trip to the Blue Grotto
The wondrous glowing cave known as the Blue Grotto really can’t be missed during your Capri holiday, as it’s one of the most beautiful sights on the island. The entrance to it may be small but you can still access it by taking a trip on one of the small rowboats that frequent the cave each day. As soon as you enter you will be greeted with the light blue glow of the water that, which transforms it into the Blue Grotto it is known as.

Walking and Hiking
Experience the natural beauty of the island by taking to the many hiking trails and exploring the landscape on foot. There are many hills to climb and sights to see at elevations including the ruins of Villa Jovis. If you prefer a quiet stroll instead of a hike, visit the Gardens of Augustus, which offer paved walkways around the gardens.

Chairlift Rides
Another excellent way to see the natural beauty of the island in all its glory is to take the chair lift ride that runs from Anacapri to Monte Solaro. As you ascend you will pass over gardens, greenery, houses and more and once you reach the top, you will get to enjoy stunning views across the Bay of Naples. There is a restaurant at the top where you can enjoy a quick bite before heading back down.

Hire a Boat
The best way to explore the coast of Capri is to hire a boat and cruise across the water. It’s relatively cheap to do this and gives you freedom you don’t get with water taxis. Keep close to shore for a relaxing afternoon, or have an adventure by exploring the bay of Naples. Just make sure that you don’t sail off too far, as you may end up in Sardinia!

Private Tours
If you want to avoid the effort of trying to discover everything for yourself while trying not to miss the best bits then why not book one of the private tours. These are available for different areas of the island focusing on different subjects, allowing you the chance to just relax, listen, learn and experience all of the best things that Capri has to offer.
The coastline of Capri may be rocky but there are still a few beaches to visit, where you can spend some time relaxing in front of the beautifully blue water. These can be found within small bays around the islands and although beach clubs, which impose an entry fee, control the majority of them but there are still a few free ones available.

Two luxury beach clubs are located close to this natural attraction, giving you the opportunity to actually swim to the rocks themselves. You may have to pay but it’s well worth it considering the clubs are popular with the rich and famous.

Located in a quaint little cove with a lighthouse, Faro beach is a popular spot for both tourists and locals, as it catches a lot of the sun during the day and the clear, calm waters make the perfect environment for swimming and snorkelling. There is also a restaurant here for when you’re feeling hungry.

Marina di Mulo
This picturesque beach can be found on the southern side of the island offering excellent views of Faraglioni. Best of all, this beach is free, so you won’t have to spend a penny when visiting! Simply take a trip down and spend as long as you want relaxing by the water.

Bagni di Tiberio
This stunning beach is considered to be the best on the island and it is even said to have been a popular holiday spot for emperor Augustus. There are some large rocks where you can sit to catch the sun and the beach is mixture of sand and pebbles, so not so harsh underfoot.
Like many Italian destinations, you won’t be short of excellent restaurants serving a fine selection of your favourite Italian dishes and also many dishes from around the Mediterranean. With fresh ingredients, tranquil atmospheres and very reasonable prices, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be impressed with each and every one.

As one of Capri’s oldest and best-known restaurants, Aurora boasts some of the best Caprese and Neapolitan dishes available anywhere in Capri. The large dining room and terrace are beautifully decorated and views from the terrace are definitely hard to beat. If you appreciate excellent wine then you’re in for a real treat, as the restaurant boasts a wine cellar with over 300 labels available.

The Faraglioni restaurant is a popular spot for the rich, as it has an outstanding reputation. Working with fresh pasta and seafood, the menu offers a number of Italian and Mediterranean delights, all of which can be enjoyed inside or al fresco. If you want to experience stunning views across the Bay of Naples while you eat, visit Ziqu, a beautifully designed restaurant that gives you the chance to enjoy traditional recipes of Capri and the Mediterranean.

There are many other amazing restaurants to try also, including La Capannina, Il Geranio, Al Grottino and E’ Divino. Wherever you decide to stay on the island, you will never be too far from a delightful restaurant.
The lively square known as La Piazzetta is the place to be during the day and night if you want to experience a fun sociable atmosphere. If you visit the square during the evening you will be greeted with the sound of laughter and music as the locals and visitors start an enjoyable evening of socialising and even a little dancing.

This is where you will find the famous Al Piccolo Bar, which was the first bar to open on the square. It’s still going strong and offers the perfect atmosphere for having a quiet chat or an energetic discussion with friends. There are many more to visit in the area and if you’re not staying near the square, you won’t be far from your own entertaining cafes or bars, which play music into the evening.
If you love high quality handmade goods then you’ll love the shops and stalls to be found around Capri. These are famous for making many items by hand to an extremely high level of quality, such as beautifully designed leather sandals decorated with faux gems. Best of all, you can see some items being made to order, so you can get measured up and literally see it come together.

The shops also offer irresistible perfumes, beautiful jewellery and designer clothing. Blown glass ornaments make excellent souvenirs and you won’t be able to resist having a browse at the many bottles of local wine available for sale. The famous lemon liqueur drink Limoncello can also be bought here, so why not pick up a few bottles to take back with you.

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