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Cabarete Overview

Beautiful beach holidays: Many people have holidays in Cabarete for the wonderful beach, and it’s no surprise really, given that it’s a long, flat expanse of light golden sand. The surrounding palm trees give the beach an exotic look, plus Sosua beach is just a short trip down the road, giving you even more choice for beach bathing during your holidays.

Kite surfing holidays: Cabarete holidays enjoy some incredible thermal currents and off shore breezes, making the perfect conditions for kite-surfing. In fact, it’s so popular here, many people go on holidays to Cabarete specifically for kite surfing and windsurfing, and their respective world cups and major tournaments have been held here over the years.

All-action holidays: Cabarete holidays are ideally placed, close to both the major city of Puerto Plata and the popular beach holidays in Sosua. That means you can enjoy all the attractions of these resorts whilst enjoying the laidback nature of Cabarete holidays.

Activities in Cabarete

Islabon Jungle River Tour: An ecological attraction that’s lots of fun for those on family holidays, you can ride along the Islabon and Yasica Rivers by boat to their source at the start of the Atlantic Ocean. Even better, you can actually stop off and wander inland through jungle trails to a mini-zoo featuring lots of exotic creatures like iguanas, snakes, turtles and monkeys.

Columbus Aqua Park: Located close to the centre of Cabarete, Colombus Aqua Park is a great place to go for some watery fun and games during family holidays. The water park has many slides and rides, including the super-fast kamikaze and quirky little designs like waterfalls made out of toadstools! It’s just as good for adults too, as there’s plenty of space for sunbathing by the side of open pools, with a restaurant also nearby.

Kite surfing holidays: We simply had to mention kite surfing, as it’s often claimed that Cabarete holidays are the best in the world for practising the sport. Cabarete holidays have actually been the focal point for several major kite surfing competitions, including the World Cup and Master of the Ocean. But you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the perfect windy conditions on the waves. There are many schools along the stretch of Cabarete coast willing to offer lessons to beginners and experts alike during their holidays.

Beaches in Cabarete

Cabarete Bay: This golden sandy spot is the main reason why people come on holidays to Cabarete at all. The powder soft sand is very comfortable on your feet (and its lighter colour mean it doesn’t get too hot) while the sea is a dazzling tone of turquoise, enticing you in to its warm waters. The waves can get pretty choppy further out though, but then that’s to be expected with the breezes creating perfect conditions for kite surfing holidays. As a result in the explosion of popularity for this sport in Cabarete, you’ll find that the beach has a rather young (but laidback) crowd, with something of a modern surfer vibe.

Restaurants in Cabarete

Blue Moon: This small restaurant keeps things calm and tranquil for a very romantic atmosphere on your holidays. Sit at a candlelit table and enjoy Dominican classics like Mofongo (fried plantains served with pork cracklings) and Sancocho (a soup stew made with meat and root vegetables). Eat your hearty meal while watching the sunset and your dining experience will be complete!

Yamazato: Sometimes it’s nice to have a change from the classic fare of the country you’re having your holidays in, so if you fancy something completely different you’d be best off heading to Yamazato. It’s an authentic Japanese restaurant which makes great use of the fact that the fish in the Domincan Republic is ultra fresh, ensuring great tasting sushi every time!

Jose O’Shay’s: This beachfront restaurant is fantastic if you’re having holidays with the whole family. We all know that sometimes children can be a little fussy with what they want to eat, but they’d be hard-pressed not to find something that delights them on the menu here. It incorporates classic dishes from all over the world, everything from shepherd’s pie to hamburgers, chicken nuggets and pizza.

Nightlife in Cabarete

Bar-based holidays: While many resorts in the Dominican Republic tend to rely on hotels offering all inclusive holidays to supply cocktails and evening entertainment, Cabarete holidays have built up a surprisingly lively nightlife scene. Perhaps it’s due to the popularity of kite surfing holidays here, but whatever the reason, in Cabarete’s centre you’ll come across several bars including the Lax beachside bar which features local DJs and a friendly group of revellers. There’s also the rustic wooden bar shack named Onnos, and Bambu, a trendy bar which also attracts those on their kite surfing holidays.

Shopping in Cabarete

Street stalls: Cabarete holidays have many makeshift street stalls with sellers trying to entice you to buy their handicrafts. Haggling is actively encouraged at the stalls, so if you’re prepared to barter it’s quite possible to bag yourself a bargain at a very cheap price. There are actually a number of authentic items which would make great souvenirs to bring back from holidays in Cabarete, ranging from the colourful Dominican art and figurines to Mamajuana – a bottle of (rather wooden looking) herbs and spices which you can fill with rum and honey for an after-dinner digestive drink. Interestingly, Cabarete is also a testing ground for kite manufacturers, thanks to the strong winds out to sea. As a result, it’s often possible to find the tested kites in shops at very cheap prices.

Shopping centre: If you’d prefer to do some famous brand shopping, you’d be best to take the short trip to nearby Playa Dorada. The Centro Commerical Playa Dorada is a clean, modern mall with over 80 shops, including those selling jewellery and branded clothes in a cool, air-conditioned environment. The Playa Dorada Plaza, as it’s also known, also has 3 cinema screens and numerous bars and restaurants, making it a one-stop entertainment centre for your holidays in Cabarete.

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