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Bugibba Overview

Holidays on the coast: Bugibba holidays are located right by the coast, so although the majority of beaches in Bugibba are rather rocky, you can still enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding Mediterranean Sea.

Great location: Part of a trio of popular resorts for holidays in Malta all located side by side, Bugibba’s location means you can enjoy the best aspects of all of them. On holidays in Bugibba you can take in the activities and attractions of Qawra, appreciate the stunning waterfront setting of St Paul’s Bay, and also enjoy the livelier nightlife which Bugibba holidays offer.

Attractions in Bugibba

Watchtowers: The area around Bugibba, Qawra and St Paul’s Bay has no less than three watchtowers guarding its coastline. All three were built by the Knights of St John based in Malta, including Ghallis Tower (around 1658) and Qawra Tower (around 1637). Enter the towers and climb to the top to enjoy fabulous views of the surrounding skyline – a wonderful sight to see on your Bugibba holidays.

St. Francis of Assisi Church: Built in 1607, the St Francis of Assisi Church is one of the principal attractions in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. Around 15km away from Bugibba holidays, it’s worth travelling to the city to see the beauty of this church with its grand ochre coloured facade and its dark yet decorative interior.

Mdina: Not so much an attraction as an entire city, Mdina is a charming place around 12km inland from Bugibba holidays. Often known as the ‘silent city’ because only residents can drive cars into Mdina, it has a number of interesting museums and a stunning cathedral, all worth visiting during your Bugibba holidays.

Activities in Bugibba

Classic Car Museum: This quirky museum has a large number of classic cars dating back to some of the earliest years of motor production. There are lots of classic models here, including the Fiat 500, the Jaguar E-type and even an old open-top Bugatti. Whilst it’s certainly a great attraction for car enthusiasts on Bugibba holidays, there’s also pinball tables, bubblegum machines and jukeboxes all restored lovingly to add to the nostalgia of the museum.

Salina Park & Bay: In between Qawra and Bugibba, the open green space of Salina Park is located just at the end of Salina Bay. The bay was used for extracting salt (hence the name translated as ‘Salt Bay’), and you can still see evidence of this once burgeoning industry (which lasted for hundreds of years) in the stone salt pans around the seafront.

Kennedy Grove: These pleasant small gardens make for a lovely place to relax on your Bugibba holidays if the Maltese sun ever gets too hot! You’ll also see that the pristine white monument in the centre of the park is dedicated to J.F Kennedy, the famous American president.

Beaches in Bugibba

Mellieha Bay: Considered by many to be the best beach in Malta, this golden sandy stretch is around 8km from Bugibba holidays. It’s well worth travelling here to enjoy the emerald sea line and the huge selection of water sports. It’s easy to understand why this is Malta’s most popular beach!

Sunny Coast Lido: Situated in Qawra, this lido is one of the best of its kind on Malta holidays. The area of St Paul’s Bay and doesn’t really offer much in the way of sandy beaches, but it more than makes up for it with this excellently equipped lido.

Golden Bay: Around 8km from Bugibba holidays, on the north western coast of Malta, you’ll find another gorgeous golden beach. This one is surrounded by rocky cliffs and lush green countryside, making it even more appealing.

Restaurants in Bugibba

Venus: Presentation is key in Venus, and the pristine white tablecloths and bright vibrant decoration create an impression of attention to detail from the moment you step in. The fish here is exceptionally fresh, from oven-baked sea bass to pan fried tuna. So if you like seafood, it’s well worth checking this place out on your Bugibba holidays.

Malet: You’ll find plenty of classic Maltese dishes at this authentic restaurant. But that’s not to say you’ll be stuck for choice if you’re a fussy eater, as the eclectic menu offers plenty of favourite dishes to please everyone, from pizza and pasta to salad and fresh meat.

Sea shell: This classic Fish ‘n’ Chips restaurant may not look like much from the outside, but it’s a real treat if you’re after some classic British grub on your Bugibba holidays. It’s just like what you’d have back home, except the fish is certainly far fresher here!

Nightlife in Bugibba

Partying holidays: In general, Malta holidays are much quieter than many holidays in the Mediterranean. However, Bugibba holidays are certainly a little livelier than holidays to other resorts in Malta. On Bugibba holidays, much of the action is centred on one of the main town squares, II Baja Square. It’s here you’ll come across a few lively clubs like Amazonia and the Odeum. Some bars can be pretty raucous, such as the Corner Pocket (which offers a winning blend of pool and karaoke) and Wise Guys. But in Bugibba is perfectly possible to discover the ideal home-from-home experience, with British style boozers such as The Grapevine Pub, The Abyss and The Red Lion. But if you’d like a night out with a touch more glamour on your Bugibba holidays, head to the Oracle Casino, which offers a wide variety of gambling tables, a classy bar, a restaurant and regular evening entertainment.

Shopping in Bugibba

Bugibba Shopping Centre: Although Bugibba holidays don’t offer much in the way of shopping, you could certainly find more than enough souvenirs to bring back home in this two-tier mall. It’s ideal for picking up postcards, newspapers and surprisingly cheap leather goods.

City shopping: If you’d like to broaden your horizons a little when it comes to shopping on your Bugibba holidays, you should make the 15km journey to the capital, Valletta. In the many independent shops here it’s possible to pick up flavoured liquors, handmade glass and boutique fashions. There’s also a large shopping centre (with cinema screens) and some lively street markets.

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