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Bodrum Overview

Great variety: Bodrum holidays offer all things to all people – whether it’s peaceful sunlit beaches, lively nightclubs or ancient historical sites. Maybe that’s the reason for their enduring popularity. You’ll notice the unique setting as soon as you arrive: the narrow cobbled streets are home to dazzling white houses that rise up the mountainside. They make for a charming location to wander and take in all the sights and sounds of the many Turkish markets in Bodrum.

Historical sights: If you’re looking for a real sense of the heritage on holidays to Bodrum, you need look no further than the Castle of St Peter (also known as Bodrum Castle), a wonderfully preserved example of Crusader architecture.

Lively holidays: Holidays to Bodrum are not all about tradition though; alongside its livelier neighbour Gumbet, you’ll find an atmospheric club scene here that rivals the very best in Turkey.

Attractions in Bodrum

Mausoleum of Halicarnassius: Like many resorts in Turkey, Bodrum has a rich and diverse history, with evidence of civilisation here dating back over 3,000 years. It was also home to several famous figures from the past, including Herodotus, the great Greek historian who documented the Persian Wars (yes, we can thank him for partly inspiring the 300 film too). Mausolus also ruled In Bodrum for nearly 25 years, and the word ‘mausoleum’ is even named after his monumental tomb built here. Sadly, the Mausoleum of Halicarnussus (to give it its proper title) is no longer standing after earthquakes reduced it to rubble. But the ruins are still important as a site of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Mydnus Gate: The recently restored Mydnus gate is in a slightly better state. This was also built by Mausolus, primarily as a defence tower which was then put to the test by the Macedonian leader Alexander the Great.

Amphitheatre: Clearly Mausolus has had a huge impact on Bodrum, as aside from the Mydnus Gate and his namesake, the Mausoleum, he also had a hand in creating a huge 13,000-seater amphitheatre. This amazing structure is still fully intact, and is even stable enough to host open-air concerts in the summer!

Caste of St Peter: And last but by no means least, the Castle of St Peter (also known as Bodrum castle) should be on everyone’s ‘to do list’ on holidays to Bodrum. It was actually built using the broken stones from the Mausoleum by the Crusaders. It sits on a stunning location looking out to the sea and also houses a fascinating museum dedicated to underwater archaeology.

Activties in Bodrum

Water sports: There are lots of water sports in Bodrum, thanks to its calm, crystal clear sea. Diving schools cater for all abilities, including excellent beginner courses which take you on a tour around huge old shipwrecks. Of course, you can expect all the usual activities on the sea too, like paragliding, jet-skiing and even rides on the good old banana boat!

Boat tours: For those looking for more sedate holidays, you could always hop on a boat and take a tour of the beautiful Bodrum coastline. You’ll get some lovely snaps on your camera, and may even come across some hidden beaches for a spot of peaceful sunbathing!

Beaches in Bodrum

Bodrum Beach: Given the popularity of Bodrum holidays, it’s somewhat surprising that its only beach is a strip of shingle – not good for the feet! However, there are a whole host of great beaches near Bodrum anyway.

Bitez Beach: You’d be best off taking a trip to Bitez Beach. Its velvety soft sand gently curls around a natural bay, with some pine-clad mountains drifting off into the distance. The shimmering emerald-coloured water is very calm too, making it an ideal choice for family holidays and windsurfing too.

Bardakci Beach: Near Bodrum town centre, Bardacki Beach is also only a short walk or bus ride away. Its golden coastline backed by palm trees makes it an idyllic setting for lapping up the bright warm sunshine on beach holidays.

Restaurants in Bodrum

Meyhane Evgenia: This family-run restaurant in the centre of Bodrum offers up a huge range of traditionally Turkish dishes, including smoked aubergine and feta cheese pastry. Choose this restaurant if you like an authentic eating experience on your holidays.

La Jolla Bistro: They certainly know how to cook steaks here! This steakhouse and wine restaurant also receives rave reviews for its cheesecake.

Cafe Cafen: A perfect place to relax and enjoy a strong but sweet Turkish coffee. And you could always add a delicious home-made cake if you fancy treating yourself whilst on holiday!

Nightlife in Bodrum

Bar Street: Along the quaint cobbled roads of Bodrum lies the aptly named Bar Street. Here you’ll find all kinds of clubs and bars perfect for lively holidays. Mavi Bar, White House and Deja Vu are all highly recommended, and play anything from chart hits to pop rock and Turkish classics. Then there’s the huge Halikarnas Disco – one of the largest open air clubs in Europe.

Gumbet: And of course, when it comes to nightlife we can’t forget Gumbet. Just a short hop down the road from Bodrum, it’s the ideal place for younger revellers who want proper party mad holidays. X Bar, Roxys and Shakers are the places to be – all offer a lively atmosphere and a fabulous range of cocktails.

Shopping in Bodrum

Bodrum Bazaar: Bodrum holidays has a world-famous bazaar which is on almost every day. It’s an exhilarating mix of markets that make up a shopping holiday paradise. There’s an amazing array of craftware on offer, from leather belts to glassware, silks and jewellery. You’ll also find plenty of food markets selling fresh local produce like honey, halloumi, and olive oil, their bright colours and sweet smells providing a delight for the senses.

Bodrum Marina: Or maybe you’re up for a bit of upmarket shopping whilst on your holidays? Head to the Bodrum Marina, where you’ll discover classy designer boutiques that line the waterfront. Then there’s always the Oasis shopping centre with many famous brands you’ll recognise sitting alongside exotic Turkish labels. And with Turkey being outside of the Euro currency, you get great value for money at nearly everywhere you shop too.

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