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Olu Deniz holidays 2014

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Olu Deniz Holidays

Olu Deniz Overview

A wonderful beach: The luminescent Blue Lagoon is the main focal point of holidays to Olu Deniz 2014, and it remains one of the most photographed beaches in all of the Mediterranean. You really do have to visit to take in this site in all its breathtaking beauty, and itís regularly voted as one of the five best beaches in the world.

Family friendly holidays: The waters in the resort are always completely calm and shallow, making Olu Deniz a great place for family holidays too. The sedate atmosphere and quiet nightlife also add to its natural charm.

Great heights: Olu Deniz is encircled by the Baba Mountain district, a favourite area for paragliders wanting to see the lagoon at its best. Itís also the starting point for the famous Lycian Way.

Activities in Olu Deniz

Paragliding holidays: Olu Deniz is a beautiful spot from sea level, whilst youíre lounging on its powder-soft shores. However, itís even better when seen from above, which is why paragliding holidays in Olu Deniz are immensely popular. You donít need to be experienced either, as you can take a tandem glide with a fully trained instructor.

Lycian Way: This famous walk is over 300 miles long, branching all the way out to Antalya. But you neednít do the whole route though! Just a short stroll through the Baba Mountains will be enough to give you some brilliant sights and snaps to remind you of holidays in Olu Deniz.

Diving holidays: The regionís natural beauty is a big attraction for diving holidays too. If youíre a beginner you could always take a PADI diving course and see the wonder of the deep blue sea for yourself.

Beaches in Olu Deniz

Blue Lagoon: A wonderful beach and the main reason for the incredible popularity of Olu Deniz holidays. The turquoise blue shades of the calm water and the oasis of greenery make this a truly idyllic setting. Itís one of the most photographed spots in the world, so get your camera ready! Many couples get married here too, as the location is unrivalled for romantic holidays, with scenery that will make your heart melt.

Belceckiz Beach: Okay, weíll be honest with you here, weíve only listed this beach to give you some choice if you fancy a change of scenery on your holidays. But itís not really worth visiting when youíve got the eye candy of the Blue Lagoon Nature Reserve within the Olu Deniz too.

Restaurants in Olu Deniz

Sultan Ahmet: This traditional Turkish restaurant in Olu Deniz is famed for its hospitality, and more importantly, its great food. The oven baked lamb served in a clay pot is extremely tender and juicy, whilst the meat balls and chicken shish kebab are both mouth-wateringly flavoursome too.

Toscana: A fantastic Italian menu with a few Turkish dishes thrown in for good measure. The Chicken Monte Carlo served on a wooden board is delicious, as are the handmade pizzas.

Buzz Grill: This seafood specialist brings fresh fish in every day to make sure every meal is at its best. Give the swordfish kebab and Turkish rice a try and you wonít be disappointed! But seafood isnít all theyíre about, as youíll discover if you order the Haloumi salad Ė tasty slices of grilled cheese with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Nightlife in Olu Deniz

Peaceful holidays: Olu Deniz holidays feature a variety of different bars, but theyíre of a much calmer nature than the neighbouring hillside resort of Hisaronu. One thing Olu Deniz really does excel in though is beach bars. Sit back in the cooling shade in Help or Buzz, listen to chilled-out sounds, and take in the wonderful setting.


Souvenir hunting: Being mainly a resort focused on beach holidays, you wonít find any designer boutiques or luxury branded shops in Olu Deniz. There are a good few souvenir and beachwear stalls though. Take a stroll along Soho Street and Carsi Cadessi and have a browse at ceramics and ornaments on offer.