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Hisaronu holidays 2014

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Hisaronu Holidays

Hisaronu Overview

Amazing nearby beach: Hisaronu holidays largely became popular as a result of the waves of tourists coming to visit Olu Deniz, the nearby nationally-protected beach. Itís one of the most photographed coastlines in the world Ė golden sands and green forestry merge into turquoise water so sparkly it looks neon.

Peaceful holidays: Perched up among the mountainsides, thereís no denying that Hisaronu is a beautiful, peaceful place. The town has a quaint style of old with wooden huts made for houses and shops set amongst the backdrop of endless rows of peaks and pines. Plus, low prices for food and drink make it an ideal choice for cheap holidays in 2015 to Turkey.

Attractions in Hisaronu

Kayakoy: There arenít a huge number of historical sites in Hisaronu itself, but Fethiye and Patara are close enough if youíre fascinated by all things ancient. The main area of interest is the abandoned town of Kayakoy. Over 2,000 Greeks lived here until 1923 when they were forced to move due to the Greco-Turkish War. The ruins of churches and houses stand as an eerie monument to the event and UNESCO have even claimed the town as a World Friendship and Peace Village.

Activities in Hisaronu

Water City: Hisaronuís very own water park has a selection of twisty colourful slides perfect for fun family holidays! Itís only a short walk from the centre too, so itís definitely an exciting option if you get bored of the beach.

Beaches in Hisaronu

Olu Deniz:†This beach is an absolute must if youíre having your holidays in Hisaronu. One of the most photographed holiday spots in the world, let alone the Mediterranean, itís a stunning stretch of sand that branches out amongst waters of emerald and turquoise.

Patara beach: If youíre prepared to travel around on your holidays, youíre really spoilt for choice, as Patara beach is just a short drive away. Itís a huge expanse of fine sand that is very quiet Ė youíll almost feel like the beach is yours!

Restaurants in Hisaronu

Kafkas: The name of this restaurant literally translates as Ďgood eatsí! It offers fine dining or even just a spot of afternoon tea all for very good value prices, so itís a top venue for cheap holidays here.

The Olive Tree: This highly-regarded restaurant has recently moved from the centre of Hisaronu to a plush new place near the ghost town of Kayakoy. The vintage-style bright yellow decor contrasts with the sedate atmosphere and delicious home-cooked food.

Mamma Mia: This classy little Italian restaurant serves many classic dishes such as calzone pizzas and lasagnes. The staff are always attentive and even offer entertainment in the form of dancing and singing!

Nightlife in Hisaronu

Many bars bunched together: Even though Hisaronu holidays are quite low-key, the resort still has some lively nightspots. Among the best are Time Out and Hustlers, where everyone is encouraged to get up and have a dance! Be sure to also pop into Alexís Cocktail Bar and Atikka to enjoy a great atmosphere and cheap drinks. The main street in Hisaronu has more than its fair share of bars, and with karaoke, live Sky Sports and dance music in different places, thereís something for everyone.

Shopping in Hisaronu

Original craftware: All the shops in Hisaronu are grouped together on the main street, meaning all those souvenirs can be bought super quick! Carpets, craftware and surprisingly good quality leather are all available at amazingly low prices. You could even pop to the jewellers to pick yourself up even more bargains on cheap holidays here.