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Dominican Republic holidays 2014

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Dominican Republic Holidays

Dominican Republic holidays 2015 are in an idyllic location, and pleasingly, holidays to the Dominican Republic are very cheap compared to almost all other Caribbean holidays! If you’re looking to do more than just laze on the myriad of white beaches during your holidays, then your best choice will be holidays to Punta Cana. Holidays here are popular for good reason, largely because there are so many activities and excursions to choose from, for some variety from Punta Cana’s admittedly glorious beaches.

Puerto Plata holidays also take a similar stance, in the sense that the natural delights provide plenty of distraction, making it different from your normal beach holidays. And of course, you’d expect the capital of the Dominican Republic to be a vibrant cultural centre, and you’ll find that’s certainly the case on holidays to Santo Domingo. La Romana holidays also aim for a cultural atmosphere, and indeed a whole artist’s village has been built here which is a significant attraction in its own right. In comparison, holidays to Caberete and Juan Dolio are much calmer and quieter – their principal focus is all about pure relaxation, and with beaches this beautiful, who can argue with that?

Dominican Republic Holidays aren’t usually all about the nightlife, but the holidays in Sosua certainly buck that trend, as the bars there are mainly aimed at the young single male looking to have a lively time during their holidays. So you see, whether you’re looking to be at peace on your holidays, or you’re looking to live it up, there are holidays that are perfect for you in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Holidays Map


Punta Cana

The most popular resort for holidays in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana holidays have plenty to keep you occupied. Go golfing, diving or horse riding, or just choose to relax on its gorgeous white ...

Punta Cana Holidays


Puerto Plata

The large resort of Puerto Plata is close to the natural park of Isabel de Torres, a large grassy mountain which gives great views of the surrounding coastline. There are some vibrant markets in Puert...

Puerto Plata Holidays



With a top beach, many people choose Caberete for very relaxing holidays. However, thatís not all it has to offer, as Caberete also has the ideal conditions for kite surfing and windsurfing holidays....

Cabarete Holidays


Santo Domingo

The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo holidays have several 16th century structures to see. Youíll come across some great bars and restaurants on holidays here too....

Santo Domingo Holidays



The main attractions of Sosua holidays are the pleasant golden beaches and the raucous nightlife. There are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from for very lively nights out....

Sosua Holidays


Juan Dolio

Itís all about pure relaxation on Juan Dolio holidays. The soft milky white beach is an enticing slice of paradise, although youíll find natural parks, golf courses and go-kart tracks nearby if you ev...

Juan Dolio Holidays


La Romana

The home of Altos de Chavon, a fascinating artistís village modelled on 16th century structures. Although you donít have to venture there to have great holidays in La Romana, as there are golf courses...

La Romana Holidays