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Canary Islands holidays 2014

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Canary Islands Holidays

Closer to North Africa than mainland Spain, Canary Islands holidays enjoy one of the smallest variations in climate between summer and winter. It’s this fact, as well as the many beaches and stunning volcanic landscapes you’ll see on holidays in the Canary Islands, which attract tourists all year round. Tenerife holidays are certainly the most popular. Tenerife offers sedate, relaxing holidays in some resorts specially tailored to more mature couples. But that’s not forgetting the lively holidays of the hotter south and there are plenty of fun activities for family holidays here too.

Gran Canaria holidays also have many visitors each year, largely thanks to the golden beaches, modern shopping malls and well-equipped golf courses. Fuerteventura holidays and Lanazarote holidays have a reputation for being a little more low-key but there’s still plenty to see in the form of huge national parks and medieval castles. Last but not least, La Palma holidays are for a different type of traveller than the other Canary Islands. The cooler, windier weather may deter sunbathers, but it’s only here you’ll see some truly stunning natural sights and unspoilt swathes of wildlife. Read our short summaries below, then click the island you prefer to see its resorts:

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It’s easy to understand why Tenerife holidays are the most popular in the Canary Islands. Tenerife has beautiful beaches at nearly every holiday resort, ranging from volcanic black coastlines...

Tenerife Holidays



cheap Holidays to Lanzarote - Like the rest of the Canary Islands, the island of Lanzarote was formed over 15 million years ago by a massive volcanic blast. And it’s a good thing that dramati...

Lanzarote Holidays


Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria holidays enjoy year-round great weather, and in fact the climate changes very little from summer to winter. This is especially true of the southern resorts you can visit on Gran Canari...

Gran Canaria Holidays



Fuerteventura has a deserved reputation as offering some of the quieter holidays to the Canary Islands. Compared to holidays in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, that’s certainly true. But if you&rs...

Fuerteventura Holidays


La Palma

One of the quietest of all holidays to the Canary Islands, La Palma holidays 2015 only have two major resorts. With a huge national park dominating the centre of La Palma and rugged rocky coastline...

La Palma Holidays