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Blog posts on holiday resorts.

6 Destinations on the Rise in 2015

From the sandy shores of the Red Sea in Egypt to the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia, we’re sure you’ll love each and every one of these 6 destinations on the rise in 2015, as there’s always plenty to do and they just keep getting better year after year. Read More

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The Best All Inclusive Resorts

Experience the convenience of an all inclusive holiday by booking a break to one of these brilliant resorts! Visit the shores of the Red Sea, relax on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, discover Morocco or stay close to home in Costa del Sol. Wherever you fancy going, you will be well looked… Read More

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The Crazy Tomatina Festival

On the last Wednesday of every August, the town of Bunol in Spain hosts the Tomatina Festival, a week-long celebration with parades, music, dancing and the world’s biggest food fight! Thousands of people come together to pelt each other with more than a hundred tons of over-ripe tomatoes! Read More

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The World’s Cheapest 5* Luxury Resorts

Experience the ultimate luxury holiday in 5* star accommodation by visiting one of the world’s cheapest 5* luxury resorts! Enjoy beautiful beachfront locations, stunning natural views, excellent restaurants, amazing rooms, irresistible spas and much more, all for a fantastic price. Read More

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The Magical Treehouses in Olympos Village

The village of Olympos on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast sits on the site of a once thriving Lycian city, now known as the ancient city of Olympos. Here you will find a fascinating selection of historic sights, a number of excellent activities, a beautiful stretch of coastline and the famous treehouses!… Read More

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13 Best Waterpark Hotels

Not sure where to go for your next holiday? Then why not choose one of the 13 Best Waterpark Hotels and enjoy fast slides, a selection of pools and other fantastic facilities that are designed with your entertainment in mind! We’re sure you’ll have a great time no matter which one you choose. Read More

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22 Reasons to Visit Turkey

Whether you prefer exploring the ruins of ancient cities, relaxing on beautiful beaches, exploring thousands of shops or even sightseeing in a hot air balloon, we’re sure you’ll love everything that Turkey has to offer. Take a look at these 22 reasons why you should visit Turkey and start experiencing this wonderful place! Read More

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Blue Lagoon in Malta

Bathe in the beautifully blue waters of the Blue Lagoon in Malta and discover a new meaning to the word ‘relaxation’! Paddle in the shallows or head beneath the surface to try the snorkelling. How about water skiing? Or maybe just chill out on the soft white sand with a cool drink in hand. Read More

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The Underground Cities of Turkey

Find out more about some of the amazing underground cities of Turkey located in the fascinating Cappadocia region. They lie hidden beneath the surface and are designed to accommodate thousands of residents with churches, storage areas, kitchens and some even had rooms for animals! Read More

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Cappadocia Turkey Guide

Discover the beautiful region of Cappadocia in Turkey and see what the most popular towns have to offer. From stunning natural rock formations known as fairy chimneys and deep valleys, to high fortresses and cave hotels, you are sure to be impressed by it all! Read More

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