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The 13 Scariest Places on Earth

In the run up to Halloween, we thought it appropriate to bring you the top 13 scariest places on earth. Discover the abandoned city of Pripyat, wander through the infamous suicide forest, visit Salem for a witch-hunt and learn of the hill of crosses. Read More

The 10 Creepiest Ghost Towns Around the World

Take a look at the 10 creepiest ghost towns around the world and discover where you can find them! From the baron Namib Desert to the Neopolitan Riviera in Italy, they are literally all around the globe and each of them has their own spooky past. Keep reading to find out more about these creepy destinations. Read More

The Abandoned Buzludzha Monument

In the Bulkan Mountains close to the city of Burgas in Bulgaria is one of the most modern looking creepy sites the world has to offer. The Abandoned Buzludzha Monument looks as if it’s been taken from the future, as it’s circular shape and grey exterior is unlike any architecture we’re used to seeing. Read More

The Eerie Past of Spinalonga Island

The Island of Spinalonga is one of the creepiest places in Greece, as it was once home to a leper colony, which was only closed a mere 57 years ago! Walk through the old Venetian fortress, which housed the lepers and feel the chill as you walk through the ruins. Read More

The Chapel of Bones

In the Portuguese city of Evora there is a chapel with an interior decorated solely with bones. Skulls adorn the walls and remains hang high above coffins, creating a place where individuals can come and reflect on their own mortality. Learn more about the Chapel of Bones and why not come and see it for yourself. Read More

Ruins of Pompeii

As one of the most well known architectural sites in the world, the ancient city of Pompeii boasts many preserved ruins, showing how the inhabitants lived all those years ago. Wander through the streets and see the columns, the walls and the buildings that are still standing to this day. Read More

The Cursed Island of Gaiola

Within the Bay of Naples are many beautiful islands but there is only one with a reputation to be feared. The island of Gaiola is said to be cursed, as many who have lived on it have fallen foul to unfortunate events. From murder to kidnap, the list goes on, so turn back now before it’s too late and don’t even think about visiting this cursed place. Read More

Halloween Competition

Halloween is just around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than holding our very own pumpkin carving competition. You can enter as many photos as you like. So why not start early and get those creative pumpkins carved? Read More

6 Greek Islands You Must Visit in 2015

From the fine sandy shores of Crete in the south to the unforgettable historic sites found on Lesvos to the north, you won’t be short of things to see and experience on any one of these six Greek Islands. Best of all, the summer weather is simply marvellous with average highs in the high twenties across the board. Read More

The 10 Best Caves to Explore in Europe

Each one of these caves are unique in their own way and freely accessible to the public, allowing you to experience the top 10 caves in Europe for yourself! Visit Malta, Majorca, Zakynthos or Capri and many more in your own time. Don’t forget to take your camera, as they’ll be plenty of photo opportunities! Read More